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Ask Elnora--About RWA 2012?? Lenora Worth

Hurrah for Hollywood. Elnora had a fine time touring California. The sunshine, the wonderfully delicious breeze, the palm trees, the stars' homes, Rodeo Drive! Need I say more. Oh, and the Romance Writers of America conference! So much to see and hear and absorb and learn. The conference buzz seemed to be that, yes, we can have it all. We can write for traditional publishers (Elnora hates that word trad--what kind of word is that, anyway?)But let me start over--Yes, we can write for traditional publishers and those new-kids-on-the-block e-publishers. (I hate that word e-pub. What kind of word is that?)
But bad short words aside, it is a relief to know we have so many possibilities in publishing these days. Exciting and scary, this stuff! The best advice I heard was if you're happy with your publisher then keep writing for that publisher. If you want to branch out and dabble in e-publishing, then go for it but learn the tricks of the trade and have your book edited properly before hitting send. The good news for those of us who write for Harlequin--two new lines are opening up (actually more like three or four). We have Heartsong--a good strong line that has move in with Love Inspired, coming in at 50,000 words of sweetness and faith that goes directly to readers. Heartwarming--at 70,000 words. Sweet and simple. No love scenes and no faith element. What Elnora calls a good old fashioned love story. Then we have KISS--fun and flirty and sensual. Not sure about the word count on those. Then we have Digital First, which will give authors a chance to write anything from mystery, fantasy and fantasy romance to Sci-Fi (one short word I can tolerate) and Sci-Fi Romance, Contemporary romance, steamy, Teen romance and YOUR BRILLIANT IDEA.
The road ahead is wide open. Because there is more: Harlequin and Mills and Boon are launching a contest called SYTYCW. So You Think You Can Write!!! You can check this out online at It starts September 17th. And it involves a contract and about fifty editors and all kinds of cool things. So we have much to discuss today. See, I did do more than chase stars and walk the beach and shoe shop. I listened and learned and thanked my lucky stars I get to write books for a living. And while Elnora will always stay true to inspirationals and sweet romances, the road is open to the rest of you to follow your heart. We all did. And we each write in different lines but with our own voice. Writers, picture yourself here. Readers, picture yourselves lucky. You get to see what we come up with next. Hurrah for Hollywood. Let's discuss the possibilities!
Winnie Griggs, Liz Talley, Connie Cox and Lenora Worth


  1. Lenora you like one little word I do Sci-fi irony is I love watching like stargate but not so sure about reading it.
    sounds cool I hope the heartsong presents can be bought online also. I do like the books but cant afford to be in the club.
    I like what you said about editing. I have seem some self published books where the editing leads a lot to be desired.
    sounds like you had a good time.
    Am dreaming of next year when I get to meet a few authors in America. (should be in Dallas, Atlanta, Washington DC, Spokane and Seattle)

  2. It would be so cool to meet you. I hope I can. I'll have to check and see if the Heartsongs will be available online. I would think so. As for Sci-Fi, I love some of it but not all. A Sci-Fi romance sounds interesting, however.

  3. Waoohhhh!

    Wonderful opportunities for WANNA-BEs like me.

    I'm happy to know that you enjoyed yourself.

    Beautiful women, stay blessed.

  4. Sounds like you got a lot out of the conference. I hope to join the ranks of Romance Writers someday...somehow.

  5. Lots of great info, Lenora, thanks for sharing. I'm interested in the So You Think You Can Write information.

  6. We got a little postcard on the SYTYCW contest. The website might not be live yet. It is open to published and non-published. A five day online conferenced beginning September 17th. Podcasts, live chats, tweets, videos, etc. First chapter and 100 word pitch due by Sept. 30. Eligible full manuscripts due by October 18th. Winner announced November 29th. That is from the card they handed out at RWA!

  7. I used to read a lot of sci-fi, like Bradbury and Azimov. Oh, and Heinline. Hope I spelled those correctly!

    Like Lenora, I love what I do for Love Inspired more than anything I've ever written in the past. And as long as they are still pleased with me I plan to keep it up.

    Ausjenny, you won't be anywhere close to me when you come but I hope you get to meet some other authors while you're here.

    Valerie Hansen

  8. Lenora,

    My notes say that Kiss will be 50,000 words, and Bryony Green from the UK will be the editor.

    Ausjenny, we want to meet you in Atlanta! We'll talk dates and location closer to your trip. Can't wait. Aren't you having an evening with Janet Trodsted on the West Coast? How fun!

    Love Elnora's pic of the suitcases! Wish I had taken one of our room. We had double laptops going most days, although my roomie had trouble keeping the connection.

    Loved the hotel...nice folks and easy to navigate.

    Thanks for the update, Lenora!

    How's your back after all the travel?

  9. Desert Rocks,

    I spent two years in the Mojave...are you nearby?

  10. Ausjenny, You'll be in Seattle? You'll have to post the dates of your trip and when you'll be where!

  11. Sorry I didn't get to meet my fellow LI authors in Anaheim. I couldn't stay for the whole conference. I came a week earlier (with hubby). Boy, did I hate to leave behind that awesome weather!

    Cute pix of you gals.

  12. Great post Lenora. I loved the conference this year. As always it was packed with great information. It seemed this year was even better than most.

    As always I came back roaring to write. LOL have a Love Inspried on the shelves right now so have to do promotion Her Homecoming cowboy :)but have been writing on my 1800 novella fast and furiously in between promotion.
    I hope everyone will drop by my site and sign up to win book 1&2 of this Mule Hollow Homecoming series

    Jenny that is wonderful you are coming to the U.S. It would be cool to meet you :)

  13. It was a good conference. The nice weather sure did help. And I did not have any mishaps!! I'm proofing one, writing one, and working on the next batch of proposals!!


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