Friday, April 5, 2013

Ask Elnora--How Does Your Garden Grow? Lenora Worth

Hello, little green-thumbed garden girls. Spring is in the air and that got me to thinking about my garden. I used to have a big, rambling yard that included a swimming pool and a palm tree and a spot that I called the Dark Forest (very shady and full of surprises.) We had Confederate Jasmine and lilies and azaleas. But that home belongs to someone else now. Now we don't even have to mow the yard but that also means we don't actually have a garden. So being the innovative woman that I am, I decide I'd come up with a new kind of garden--a dish garden. And since I've been subscribing to Southern Living Magazine since I wore my first pair of plastic pink fuzzy high-heels, I knew exactly what I needed for my little garden--a thriller, a filler and a spiller. I hope to have several different dish or container gardens on my deck this summer. I like a lot of color and fragrance. I have a gardenia and some lavender out front in our little walkway space and I plan to plant a hibiscus out front, too.

So all of this talk about gardening also got me thinking about our books. When we write, we also have to have a thriller, filler and spiller kind of plot, don't we? Our plots are much like garden plots--we till the soil--the germ of an idea. We come up with a grid--our outline and synopsis. We plan out the main plot points--our thriller, our filler and our spiller. The thrill comes with the set-up and the call to whatever quest our character decides to pursue. The filler is the middle, the lush, thickly held part of our story that carries our characters through and the spiller comes when we push through the black moment and tumble over into that happy ending. A beautiful combination.

So how does your garden grow? What seeds to you try to plant whenever you start a book?

Here is my new little garden spot. It has already brightened our deck. I hope to add new furniture and a few other treasures to make this little spot intriguing and inviting. I hope to do the same with my stories. Let's discuss!


  1. Very pretty, Lenora! I'm sure you'll have a whole new garden in pots soon and will feel right at home.

  2. Lovely pot, Lenora. I have a number of peace plants inside my home. They droop when they need a drink. Perfect for a busy writer.

    The rule of thumb in GA is to plant in early May after the last frost. Good advice since it was cold, cold, cold yesterday! But warmer days are forecast, and my winter pansies won't last much longer.

    Hope to have a dish herb garden this year. Parsley, basil, rosemary.

    Heading to my WIP to plant more surprises for my readers.

  3. Oh, I so want to plant an herb garden, too. I will find a big container for that. I love fresh herbs and love the smell of them when I pass by the pot. :)But today, I must do the same, Debby. Plant seeds of suspense in my WIP.

  4. Your dish garden is lovely, Lenora! I've always LOVED plants and flowers (am hoping my African Violets will bloom soon). ~ I'm planning on adding a few fresh new houseplants to a big plant stand in my living room - - which reminds me I need to add some *fresh, new scenes* to my WIP - - it's starting to feel a wee bit "flat" and needs sprucing up. ~ Thanks for sharing today, and enjoy your gardenia (LOVE that scent!). Hugs, Patti Jo

  5. my garden is growing weeds really well a little rain and sun and voila the weeds went mad.
    added not being able to do much for a few months!
    I am getting my jungle under control. want to have it nice before going away. The one thing I cant wait to be able to do is mow the lawn. hopefully after Thursday the wrist will let me.
    your dis garden looks sweet.

  6. Gardening is on my list of things to do. Unfortunately, everytime I think about where to put a garden my husband thinks where to put a shed LOL


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