Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Amish Suspense

Debby Giusti here!

I just received the go-ahead from my Love Inspired Suspense editor, Emily Rodmell, on the proposal for the sixth book in my Military Investigations Series. The story—untitled at this point--features a heroine in the US Army Criminal Investigation Division who grew up Amish. I’m thrilled Emily liked the idea and excited about including some of my past experiences with the Amish in the story.

My dad was career army and we lived in numerous spots around the country, but he and my mother were originally from Ohio, and I graduated from The Ohio State University. Often during college, friends and I would head to Plain City, an Amish community not far from Columbus, to enjoy the wonderful restaurants that featured favorite Amish delights.  

Sometimes we'd head farther north into Holmes County that boasts of having one of the largest Amish communities in the US. Picturesque farms dot the rolling hills, and we’d pass horse drawn buggies on the way to local dairies that sold cheese and ice cream, which provided special treats on a hot summer’s day and a lovely escape from campus life.

After marrying, my hubby and I lived in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where I’d shop at the nearby Amish farmers’ market stocked with local produce and fresh baked pies and breads. Often we’d drive to Lancaster County, in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, with favorite stops at Intercourse and Bird-in-Hand. Visiting Zook’s Fabric store was fun. On one trip, my husband bought a straw hat, and I found a lovely hand stitched slip for my youngest daughter.

As you know, the Amish speak Pennsylvania Dutch, a derivative of the German language. My great-grandparents came from Fulda, and my husband and I lived in Germany for three years. I became quite fluent in German while there. Hearing the Amish dialect reminds me of my time in Deutschland and makes me feel a certain kinship with the Amish.

Doing research and pulling information from my past for this next book has been so much fun, but now I need to write the story. I’ll keep you posted on my progress in the days ahead.

Have you visited Amish communities? What did you think of their plain lifestyle? Do you enjoy reading Amish stories? 

Wishing you abundant blessings,

The General’s Secretary, book 4 in my Military Investigations series, is available here. The Soldier’s Sister will be released in October. Watch for the Amish story, book 6, in March 2014.

By Debby Giusti

Trusting the Wrong Person Can Be Deadly...

Lillie Beaumont's dark past has just turned up on her porch--fatally wounded. The dying words of the man imprisoned for killing Lillie's mother suggest hidden secrets. Criminal Investigations Division special agent Dawson Timmons agrees. He has his own motive for seeking the truth, and it gives Lillie every reason to doubt him. But even as they reluctantly begin to face painful secrets together, Dawson fears that a murderer is waiting to strike again. And this time, Lillie is right in the line of fire...


  1. im going to visit Amish country in May and I think its Lancaster County. looking forward to the quilting items and other items.
    I dont mind a few Amish books but started getting jaded with them as many seemed to blend together. I love Amanda Flowers books which are set in Amish area but with a English heroine. Its different which makes it really good. The life style is interesting but I am not sure I would like to live with there rules. While they are very devouted it seems to me that the bishops seem to make the rules for the community rather than God and the bible. I like some of there community values and what seems closeness of family etc.

    Your new book sounds really interesting

  2. Congratulations on the sale, Debby! I love the premise of your story.

    We have small Amish and Mennonite communities near where we live, and I've visited their stores. I especially love the old-fashioned (to me) kitchen gadgets in the general store. My parents love to go to the Amish areas in Ohio that you mentioned.

  3. So glad you'll visit Amish country during your visit, Jenny.

    Can't wait to see you when you're in Atlanta.

  4. Christine,

    You're so right about the type of merchandise sold in the Amish stores. The items seem much more basic and always take me back to an earlier time.

  5. Oh, that sounds like a great story! You'll do us proud with it, I'm sure!

  6. I would get to go over to the Amish it was like a flea market an get to go to the Amish restaurant when i got to go visit my aunt up by Akron, Ohio, it was always to do that and see how they do thing and their cooking was delicious.Your book sounds great, congratulation, and God bless you.
    Norma S.

  7. Waving to Lenora! How's that warm sunshine in Florida?

  8. Thanks, Norma. Sounds like you're a fellow Buckeye!

  9. I've never visited an Amish community. I know there are a couple in Iowa, so maybe someday :)

    Your book sounds wonderful.


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