Friday, April 12, 2013

Ask Elnora--About the weather? Lenora Worth

Hello, my spring chicks. Is it cold at your house? Or is it warm and raining? Has anyone seen any sunshine yet for spring? All this crazy weather got me to thinking about how the weather has to be part of our setting and how the weather can play a big part in our writing.

For example, yesterday it was muddy and rainy around my bay. The humidity was so thick you could hold it in your hand. But after that nasty bad weather came through last night, it is now cool and breezy and not as humid. But that will change in about thirty minutes.

So I hope everyone is safe and warm and dry.

But I'm still interested in how my craftie ladies use the weather in books.  I use the weather as a big part of the setting and for setting the mood. It might be a bright sunshiny day when my heroine and hero start out on a nice walk. But a rogue thunderstorm might change that to a dark, dreary and cold walk. Or ... it could change because while they are on the walk and just as the storm comes, the bad guy shows up and starts chasing them through the woods. And the only way home is through a low river bed that always floods when a torrential rain comes.  Or something like that.

Let's play with this concept. I'll start our story and you can add your own comments. But whatever you add has to be about the weather. Here we go:

The night wind washed over the woods in a gentle nudge. The moon laughed down on Joe and Jennifer, lighting their way along the old path.......


  1. I hope spring comes by May Im not ready for the cold weather yet.
    We are having an indian summer at present but looks like this coming week will be cooler (we do need rain). But I do love this extra does of warm weather. The past couple of summers have been very mild. this summer was much better.


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