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Drawing Readers Into the Story Through Settings
By Carrie Turansky

Hi Friends,
Taking Readers to unique settings is something I enjoy doing to make my novels memorable. I've set stories in rural Vermont, Princeton, Portland, Philadelphia, and Kenya. My next novel, The Governess of Highland Hall, will be set in Berkshire, England.

 My last three Love Inspired novels, Seeking His LoveA Man To Trust, and Snowflake Sweethearts were all set in Fairhaven, the beautful historic section of Bellingham, Washington.

These three novels were published over a two-year period, so it may be hard to find paperback copies, but they are all available as eBooks. Many readers have told me they enjoyed the descriptions of the setting and felt like Fairhaven was a real location. And I am always delighted to tell them that it is. I chose Fairhaven because I liked the name, and thought it would be wonderful place for my heroine in Seeking His Love to find a safe refuge.

Rachel Clark, the new director of the Nortcoast Christian Youth Theater, is seeking to escape her past mistakes and make a fresh start in Fairhhaven. Handsome frame shop owner, Cameron McKenna, ovesees the Fairhaven Arts Center, and he needs to rent space to the youth theater to raise funding to keep the center open. But secrets and hurts from the past could destroy their relationship and hurt all those who are counting on them. It's a tender story with a sweet romance.

Ross Peterson, a secondary character from Seeking His Love, became the hero in A Man To Trust. Ross's photography business fails, and he must take on a new job as manager of Bayside Books. Adrie Chandler has been the acting manager, until someone can be found to take her place. But when Ross steps in, she is not sure she wants to leave and follow her dream to become a classical musician.

In each book I include four senior-age friends who are known around town as the Bayside Treasures. They are life-long friends, faithful prayer warriors, avid Scrabble players, and soft-hearted matchmakes. It was fun to watch their plans for younger firends and family memebers find lasting love.

I used actal businesses, events, and special sites in each book. You'll find mentions of Village Books, Katie's Cupcakes, The Village Green, The Annual Salmon Bake, The Tylor Dock and South Bay Trail, Mt. Baker Theater, The Bellingham Cruise Terminal, Skylarks, Chuckanaut Drive, and Larrabee State Park.

Some may be surprised to read that I have never been to Fairhaven, but I was able to write the stories with accuracy by doing reasearch online, watchign videos, and by connecting with people in Fairhaven to check my facts.

I hope to visit Fairhaven some day, and when I do, I think I will feel like I am coming home. If you travel to North West Washington State, I hope you will stop in and visit our friends there! Here is a link to what's happening in Fairhaven:

Check out my Pinterest boards for more photos of the characters and settings for these books:

What is one of your favorite settings? Leave us a comment, or stop by my website for more information on these books:


  1. So far I've always created fictional towns for my stories in a real region, Niagara Canada. But...have been contemplating using a real town in Washington state for an upcoming book. It's tough when you don't have a hope of visiting, but you've inspired me. :)

    Of suspense, with bad guys around every corner, maybe towns and businesses wouldn't like being featured in a book!!!

  2. Hi Sandra, that's fun. I hope you do choose a real town. I've enjoyed interacting with people who live in the area. They all seem delighted that I chose their town and reigon.

    There were a few funny comments - like the one man who said there could never be a flood in the area I chose for Snowflake Sweethearts, but I guess I am allowed one or two unlikely events-locations. : )

    Researching the town gave me all kinds of ideas for the story, especially the events they plan in Fairhaven. They have a fun race from way up on Mt. Baker down to the sea, including running, biking, and kayaking. Had to include that!

  3. Hi Carrie! I loved all of your stories set in Fairhaven, and reading them made me want to visit Washington even more. ~ I am super excited about your upcoming series too, and am so happy that your writing career is going so well.
    Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo

  4. Carrie,
    Love the group of senior women! What a fun addition to the stories.

    Amazing what we can find on the Net these days, isn't it? Often I go to Google earth and zoom in on various streets and stores. Amazing.

    Maybe a little spooky too.

    Waving to Sandra. I agree about the use of real suspense settings being a little iffy. No one wants to read about a dead body being found in their cafe or bakery. :)


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