Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Tribute to the Libraries of My Life

I know National Library Week isn’t until next month. But I recently received my author copies of my May Love Inspired, Winning the Teacher’s Heart, and that made me think of libraries. I generally donate a large print copy of my books to my local library.

Libraries have played a large part in my lifelong love of reading.  I struggled with reading in first and grades. Since I had a September birthday, I was one of the youngest kids in my class, and I had trouble sounding out the words. The summer after second grade, when my next youngest brother was big enough to make the walk, my mom put my youngest brother in the stroller and took my three brothers and me to the LaSalle Public Library in Niagara Falls every week to get our own books. That fall, a couple of weeks into third grade, I moved from the lowest reading group, not to the middle group, but right to the top one.

My next library was the Stephens Memorial Library in Attica, NY, where we moved the summer before I started sixth grade. At first, it seemed like a come down from the Niagara Falls library. The library was in a house on Main Street. But, it was here that I discovered wonderful books like The Secret Garden, still one of my favorite books. And I did research for my high school papers, with another discovery, inter-library loan. The library “house” was painted white when I used it. The addition with the more library look was added when I was in high school.

The Nassau Free Library in the Village of Nassau, NY, was our first family library. It, too, was in a renovated house. Don’t you love the rendering from the library’s Facebook page? Like, my mother, I took my kids there from the time they were toddlers. And the year my husband went back to college to pick up a drafting certificate and had time home during the day, he gained the distinction of being the only father who regularly attended the daytime weekly story hour.

My current library is the RCS (Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk) Community Library. It recently moved to more spacious quarters in the old American Legion building in town. My big discovery at the RCS library is borrowing eBooks, which sadly means I don’t visit the actual library building as often as I did with my other libraries.

What are the libraries of your life?


  1. Oh Jean, I am with you on this one! I remember sitting in a circle on the library floor with other children many years ago. Getting my library card is the first thing I do when I relocate to another town. Walking amongst stacks of books is a wondrous thing- so much knowledge and story awaiting me, I salivate like Pavlov's Dog. :-)Thank you for this post, such a lovely tribute to the library.

  2. What fun! Thanks for sharing the photos. What a nice memory to have of those places.

    Actually, from my childhood, I remember the Bookmobile more than the library itself. :)

  3. I wish I could post the picture of my childhood library. I went looking for and found it!

    I hate that the books are less and less and the computers are more and more.

  4. Missy -- I had forgotten the Bookmobile. We had one in Niagara Falls. Every place else I've lived was too small.

  5. I loved walking the aisles in my library and pointing to all the books I had read.

    Now I usually buy books, but I miss going to a library.

    Perhaps I'll go this week!

    Lovely post!

  6. Trips to the library were one of the highlights of my childhood. We moved a lot. When I'd visit a new library, my first question for the children's librarian was, "How many books can I check out at one time?"

  7. My childhood library moved into a new building many years ago. As a child, I thought the library was very large and filled with so many books to explore, but it was really very tiny and needed the larger space. I remember my first foray into the adult section and my fear that the librarian wouldn't allow me to check out a grown-up book. I think it was a Mary Stewart romance. Since I'm now a librarian as well as a writer, I hold that memory dear.

  8. Like Missy, the Bookmobile was one of my favorite treats growing up. I didn't live near a public library (country girl here), so that Bookmobile produced a big surge of excitement!

  9. I too remember using the Bookmobile. All those books in an enclosed space was wonderful.
    Over the years I've also used the Public, School, College, and Church Library.
    I volunteer in the Church Library three days a week and have for 36 years. We would love to have a LP copy of your book. Feel free to check out our webpage when you get a chance. Go to www.churchatthemall.com/library
    Happy Reading!
    Janet E.


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