Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy Monday everyone!

I've been enjoying the vacation photos that people have been sharing. They got me to thinking of one of my favorite vacation spots - the southern coast of Maine.

I remember years ago watching Angela Lansbury on Murder She Wrote and deciding I wanted to live in Cabot Cove, ME. 

Apparently Cabot Cove wasn't real, and the TV series was actually filmed on the West Coast in Mendocino, CA, but the fictional town was named after an inlet in Kennebunkport, ME.

We've been coming to Maine ever since my daughter chose a college here and I've found the real towns of Kennebunk/Kennebunkport and Ogunquit to be just as wonderful as Cabot Cove. They've also inspired quite a few stories that I'm working on.

I thought I'd share some of my pictures today and then maybe we can chat about what vacation spots you've been to that have inspired your stories.

 These are from the coast along The Marginal Way. (click to enlarge)

I took this short video along The Marginal Way.

These stretches of wild, rocky coast give way on one side to Perkins Cove with it's lobster boats and cute shops --

and on the other side to smooth sandy beaches in Ogunquit and Wells.

I was lucky enough to catch sunrise over the ocean back in April.

and snap this shot of the ocean just before twilight last summer

If you haven't guessed by now, this is one of my most favorite places on earth. Even my dog loves it here!


or winter

So do you have a special place that you love to write about? Or if you're not a writer, what is your favorite place to visit?


  1. I've never been to Maine but definitely want to go there. I think I've seen every episode of Murder She Wrote LOL

  2. I've been to Maine twice, Old Orchard Beach and the Freeport area.

    So far, all of my Love Inspired books have been set in the Adirondack Mountains, where I've vacationed numerous times growing up and as an adult.

  3. Very picturesque, Mary. Love all the boats and the little shops.

    Yeah, anyone who's read my books knows that Ouray is one of my favorite places to visit and write about. Wish I were there now. Much cooler than Texas. 😉

  4. Good morning, everyone. I'm so relieved to see the video work. When I checked in from my iPad it was just a big empty space. Guess it's that flash issue.

    Thanks for stopping by to chat locations.

    Pamela, my fellow Murder She Wrote fan, I hope you will get here. We came to Maine several times a year for 4 years while my daughter was in college, but everything revolved around college - Drop-off, Pick-up, Orientation, Parents' weekends, Graduation, etc. One summer after she graduated, I said to my husband - all these years and I've never even been to a beach in Maine.

    We've more than made up for that error in the years since! I expected all the beaches to be wild and rocky, but Ogunquit has this incredible smooth sand beach very much like the ones where I grew up on Long Island.

  5. Jean, my other daughter spent a year at college upstate, but in the western part of NY. I love the Adirondack area. How lovely to call such a beautiful place home. I teach 4th grade and that is one of the areas we study in Social Studies.

  6. Mindy, I was thinking of your books set on Ouray when I wrote this post. I've never been there - my travel west has only been to the coast, but I'd love to visit. I sent a copy of A Father's Second Chanceto my mom. She loves mountain areas and she loves LI books, so I figured it was a great fit.

  7. That's breathtaking!! I really would love to visit there!

  8. I've never even thought of going to Maine but now I want to see it! I had no idea it was so lovely and since I love to travel and see new places, I'm going to have to add Maine to my list. Thank you for sharing these stunning photos. I have so many favorite places--Colorado, Montana, Eastern Oklahoma, Ireland and on and on. Next on my travel list is Maui so I bet I get some inspiration there!

    By the way, I taught 5th grade for years until I retired to write full time. We intermediate teachers are kindred spirits. :-)

  9. Beautiful photos! I loved Murder She Wrote too, though there were far too many murders per capita in lovely Cabot Cove. I hope to visit Maine one day.

    Travels have inspired me to set books in northwest Montana and Key West. Talk about different!

  10. Well if and when I move here, you're welcome to visit, Missy!

    Linda, when I was growing up we used to visit my mother's friend deep in the woods of Maine. I had no idea there was such incredible beauty along the coast. It gets even more dramatic as you go further north. Still have a month before I have to go back to my darling 4th graders! We go until the end of June so I have until after Labor Day.

    Wow, Christine, those are dramatically different settings. But I'd love to visit each.

  11. Your post made me smile!! I've been on a "Maine kick" this summer and have been reading Maine travel guides and viewing sites online. I've never visited but it's definitely on my Wish List.
    Thank you for sharing these photos (of course, now I want to visit Maine even more, LOL). Precious dog, too!
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  12. Loved the photos. Kennebunk was the destination of my first-ever trip to an ocean, when I was nine. Your photos brought back nice memories of that trip. :)

  13. Oh, CatMom, I'm so curious about what sparked your Maine kick. I love it in Maine.
    I saw a bench at the art museum garden that was in memoriam for someone and it said "Here she found her peace." I totally get that.

  14. Sandra, when I sold to LIS, I treated myself to a beautiful pair of seaglass earrings at a shop in Kennebunk. I love the town there and the ocean is incredible. They also have this fabulous Christmas Prelude that I always want to come up for.


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