Friday, August 7, 2015

This won't happen again ever--Lenora Worth :)

Something is about to happen in my writing career that will probably never happen again. From August through November, maybe December I will have a book out every month. Don't ask me how things lined up this way. I write them and send them in and wait to hear when they will be released. But somehow, this year I only had two books out in the spring and now--wham!!! It's like Christmas in August!!!

When you write category commercial fiction, you learn to write steadily and hope to have at least two books out per year. Some years that balances out through the year. And some years it just looks like you must write all the time! Okay, I do write all the time. I eat, sleep, dream, scream, writing because I love it that much. But people are usually surprised when I tell them I only work about five or six hours a day, sometimes less. I like having my own schedule, on my own time. At times,  I finish way ahead of time and at other times, I skid into SEND at one minute before midnight. Whew!

So before you ask, I do not know how this happened but I'm happy about it. I love Christmas stories so this is my year, baby! And of course I have to show off my gorgeous covers! (I share one of these books with Shirlee McCoy! How cool is that?)

Now, dear craftie ladies, tell me about your schedules. It's interesting to hear how we each handle deadlines, schedules, books out per year, and having some down time. Let's discuss while you admire my pretties:




  1. Good morning, Lenora.

    I am in awe of your schedule. I'm also honored to have Her Holiday Protector's excerpt in the ebook version of my debut.

    As a debut author, I'm very curious to read the responses you get to this. I work full time as a teacher, so I'm trying to get a feel for what kind of schedule I can manage.

  2. I'm in awe too :)
    Cate, I'm a full time teacher also and have a ten year old still at home. All I can say is "Have laptop, will travel."

  3. Cate, that is great to hear about the excerpt! To both you and Pam, I am in awe of teachers. My daughter is a teacher and I know how hard she works. So you two are way more impressive than I'll ever be. When I worked outside the home, it was tough to find writing time. I worked on weekends and sometimes early in the morning. But it's a slow process. Even after I'd sold many books and established my writing career, I always had some sort of part-time job. Finally, about six or so years ago, I gave up outside work to focus on my writing. That is the main reason I can write more books. I've had to say NO to a lot of things in order to say YES to writing. But I'm getting old and I have lots more stories to tell, so ..... Bless both of you for teaching and writing!

  4. All I can say is WOW!!!!!! You are incredible!

  5. Totally amazing, Lenora. I feel blessed to have two books out in a year. This is a total feast for your fans.

  6. I can't even imagine! I wrote to my first real deadlines during Blurb to Book and it was a real rush at the end to finish on time. I found out that I need to re-evaluate my time management and scheduling for deadlines should I be offered a contract. I work full time in the legal department of a company (that is rapidly changing processes, resulting in more than a few later than usual nights), so I TRY to get up early to write or write on lunch breaks/weekends without missing out on connecting with friends and living life. It's hard, but I wouldn't give up writing.

    I'm also interested to see how published authors deal with their writing schedules. How do you make time for it all?

  7. Dana, I'm not that incredible. But what I like in awesomeness I make up for in drive. I'm living my dream so I take it very seriously.

    Christine, you're doing great. Two was my goal when I first sold and I pretty much stuck to that. I think authors should strive for two books per year and see how they go from there. It can be overwhelming at first.

    MzZeyZey-- (Love that handle)You sound like a busy woman. Writing at lunch or during breaks will give you a word count that will add up. I know several LI writers who work full-time at busy jobs. Maybe we'll do a post on asking them how they do it. What I try to do is set a goal for word count. I try to hit 1,000 a day and push to reach 2500. That gives me the shell of a chapter. I edit that the next day and then start the next chapter. Two or three chapters per week keeps me on a steady pace. I start around noon and work until five or six pm. But ... you never really stop working. I think about it all day, wake up thinking about it and jot notes on dinner napkins and sticky notes. My rule--never miss an opportunity to jot down a few words. One sentence while sitting in the doctor's office can become the next scene. You can do it!!!

  8. Uh, that's lack!!! I lack awesomeness. I lack proofing skills, too :))

  9. Congrats, Lenora. All your hard work has given you a fun few months.

  10. Lenora you are a writing machine. I don't have another job but I do a lot of volunteer work with my local RWA chapter (president this year) RWA national and at my son's high school. However, he graduated so my time volunteering at the high school will be cut waaaay back. Yes, I'm still going to help with the costumes for the plays.
    A typical work day for me is get up around 7 or 8 (depending on how late I stayed up the night before). Do email. Then write. Stop to work out for another. Then back to writing until 4 or 5 (depending on when my husband comes home from work.
    I will say some day I have appointments that cut in to my writing time then I will forgo a workout to make up for the time. I try not to write in the evenings or weekends unless I'm on a really tight deadline or have fallen behind and need to catch up.
    I try to read every night before I fall asleep. It helps with my creativity to read other books. Sometimes if I'm stuck I'll lay down and dose or take a shower or bath and let my mind work out the problem.
    Anyway, Lenora I love your covers. Very fabulous.

  11. Okay I didn't proof read my post. That would be workout for an hour.

  12. Thanks, Leann. You are my hero! Or should I say "heroine!"

    Terri, I know how dedicated you are from reading your work. Your stories flow so wonderfully! I'm so proud of you and so happy to be able to work with you! I have to admit being an empty nester is a lot easier when I have something to focus on every day, but I miss those days of rushing around with children, too :)

  13. You are an absolute wonder! And all your books are so stinkin' good! Loving that cowboy Christmas cover....


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