Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer Memories with Sherri Shackelford

Sherri here today!

I know, it's still August--which means it's a little soon for a summer recap, but I wanted to share some of the book fun I had over a busy summer.

For the first part of the summer I finished up a continuity for Love Inspired Historical. A continuity is a three book series the editors put together. Selected authors are given the synopsis and character overview, and we write a story.

Cheryl St.John is writing the first book in The Cowboy Creek continuity, I have the second, and Karen Kirst has the third. Shhhhh...don't tell anyone...but we have two titles. Cheryl will release 'Want Ad Wedding', and I have 'Special Delivery Baby.' Look for our books in April, May and June of next year (2016).

I took a two-week break from writing and spent the time studying craft. I attended a plotting retreat in Denver with Mary Buckham and had an awesome time! Nine writers spent a long weekend sharing ideas, learning and generally having a good time.

Check out the mountains in the distance!

Mary Buckham

On our way to Ted's Montana Grill for dinner

More Mountains

More Chocolate and Coffee

Lovely writers...

More lovely writers...

The following week, our local Romance Writers of America chapter participated in a quad-state meeting of the Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri chapters. Held in the beautiful town of Mt. Ayers, Iowa, the meeting was a wonderful opportunity to get to know our sister chapters better. There were workshops and a lot of delicious food!

After that two week break, it was back to work. I have a book scheduled for the holiday season next year, which means coming up with a new story and new characters.

When I'm starting a new book - which is always my favorite part of the process - I develop the characters and ruminate on the plot. Once I 'see' the opening scene, I can start writing. The best part about this book? It's a Christmas theme!

I'll turn that proposal over to my editor in another week or two. I like to let it rest a week before I hit 'send'. It's amazing what a break will do for clarity! Then I wait for the editor to approve the proposal (spoiler alert: I keep writing during the wait. Otherwise it's tough to stay on deadline.)

The proposal is due on the last day of August - which will be the official end of summer of me. 

Oh, and between the writing I shuttled the kids to Science Camp, Swim Camp, and Writing Camp (Go middle child!), there was a family vacation, a two-week visit from my nieces in California,  a week long visit from family in Maryland, lots of swimming and several visits to the best zoo in the country. 

Not to mention, my husband and I taught our oldest child how to drive (bring on the winter weather!). More about that experience later. Let's just say I called my mom and thanked her for her patience in teaching me  how to drive. 

All in all I'm almost glad summer is over. I need the rest! 

Look for "The Rancher's Christmas Proposal" in November: 

Mother for His Children

Single father Shane McCoy has his hands full trying to run a ranch while raising two-year-old twins. His children clearly need a mother's guiding hand. An encounter with a lovely stranger on a train platform offers an unconventional answer to his predicament when she suggests a marriage of convenience.

Tessa Spencer needs a fresh start far from her con man father's schemes. His latest scrape has made her the target of a vengeful outlaw. Shane's isolated ranch provides refuge, and his children easily win Tessa's affections. But as her checkered past resurfaces, only honesty and trust will make this family Christmas the first of many…

How was your summer? What are your favorite summer memories? 


  1. jcp - If you send me your email and/or address (depending on what format you like), I'll send you a book when it releases. (They weren't here in time for the blog ;(


  2. Oh, Sherri, what fun you had. I wish I could have been there for the four state conference. I was in Nebraska end of July, beginning of August. (Elkorn and Omaha) Your book sounds great.

  3. That's a sweet offer but I'm planning to buy it since I can only read print.


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