Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Our Furry and Feathered Friends

by Jean C. Gordon

Who likes pets in romances? I do. So I was surprised last week when I realized that none of the heroes or heroines in my seven Love Inspired Romances (counting my Christmas 2015 Holiday Homecoming and the book I'm currently finishing) have pets. And only one of the five books I wrote for Avalon Books has a pet in it. Why am I surprised? Because we have lots of pets. Meet:

Xena, our seven-year-old lab-boxer, and we think some shepherd, too, mix.


Cat1 and Cat2, twin sisters who really belong to our daughter, but moved themselves over to our side of the house because of the dog population on their side.

Mr. Buttons, our grandson's six-year-old lab-boxer mix.

Appa, the terrier our granddaughter brought back when our daughter and her family returned from their year in Guam.

Zori, whose heritage is anyone's guess. She looks like a miniature chocolate lab. Someone abandoned her on the experimental farm our son-in-law managed in Guam. He couldn't find a home for her, so she came back with them.

Moving outdoors, I have Baby Rooster, who replaced my old rooster, the yellows, and a Guinea fowl that was given to me. I think it's a male because I haven't seen any Guinea eggs in the year and a half I've had him. Our son-in-law also has a small flock of Guinea keets (immature adults) acquired earlier this summer.

Do you have a favorite pet in a book you've read or written? I think the next book I write is going to need a pet or two.


  1. How fun meeting your pets! I've had cats for years and like you haven't added pets to many books. I wonder why? I love my 16-year-old tuxedo cat.

  2. Jean, I loved seeing your babies! I've always had pets but often forget to write about them. I've had cats in a couple of books. And one dog. It's fun to add them, especially if they act naughty (like the dog in A House Full of Hope). :)

  3. Your pets are all so cute!
    I enjoy reading about pets in books, and always include cats in my manuscripts.
    And to my surprise, in my WIP the hero rescues an adorable puppy from a busy road - - I never saw that coming, LOL. ;)

  4. Thanks, all. Don't you love when that happens, CatMom?

  5. I love all your pets!! My mom would enjoy the chickens--I'm partial to the kitties. :)

  6. I've always had cats and used to have dogs. I think dogs take more time, but I intend to make time very soon:)

  7. I write about animals all the time. I particularly like K-9 for police and search and rescue. Love your photos.


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