Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Seeing by Leann Harris

When I woke last Saturday morning, it was the first time in my adult life I could see clearly. The jaw-dropping experience still has me in awe. I had the cataract in my right eye removed and a lens put in that sees all distances. Left eye is next.
(Notice the fashion forward glasses.) I started wearing glasses in the 4th grade, but the odd thing was I spent my dreams looking for my glasses so I could see. When I got contacts at 16, suddenly my dreams were in focus. So how weird is that? And how can I use that in a story?


  1. Wow, what a great side effect of having cataracts! I got those cat-eye glasses in first grade! :D

  2. I didn't realize how ugly those glasses were, but I was trendy at the time.

  3. This is so interesting, Leann. I spend a good part of my days looking for my glasses. I lost them in class yesterday and one of my students was very concerned when she came in to be sure I had found them. Yup. They'd slipped down between two books.

    It's all in how you wear them, and I think you look splendid in the photo!

    Congrats on being able to see!

  4. LOL, I wear my glasses on a chain. I'm a teacher too. I, one time, had my glasses edged up on top of my hair, was wearing a pair, and had a pair on the desk. Too many.