Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Keeping Cool

Hi Everyone!

Rhonda Gibson here. How many of you are keeping cool this summer? This has been a HOT summer. I've been driving back and forth between New Mexico and Oklahoma. Both are great states and both are HOT. Yes, I'm screaming the word HOT at you. I'll stop now.

But they are different kinds of hot. Oklahoma is a sticky hot. I know some of you will know what I mean. New Mexico is a dry hot.  Even though I am doing lots of traveling between the two states, I am reading a lot this summer to keep cool. I've read about ten books so far. I love reading all year long but find that I read more in the summer.

I've read several LI books and a couple of YA books. I have also read a few non-fictions. See, lots of reading to keep cool.

So tell me what have you been reading? Do you read in the summer? Or are you more of a winter time reader.

I confess I read year round, but read more in the summer to keep cool.


I hope this fall you will pick up a copy of  Pony Express Special Delivery. I'm sad to say that this will be my last Pony Express book for LIH. It will hit the shelves in September!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!


  1. I read year-round, Rhonda, but I find that I read LESS in the summer because I spend more time with my granddaughters when they are out of school. I like to read what I do not write for pure relaxation, so I look forward to your next Pony Express novel. I will miss the historical line!

  2. Rhonda, I know the difference between hot sticky, and hot dry. As a kid my dad moved us from Denver (dry) to Houston which is hot sticky. I read all year round. If you don't have a book, then you're lost.

  3. I read whenever I have free time, which isn't often enough. I just finished a book by Elizabeth Camden, Until the Dawn. I read it while my husband was driving on our recent trip to Utah.

  4. I read about the same year around. Boy is it sticky hot in Oklahoma right now.

  5. I probably read more in the winter.

    I've lived in the Mojave Desert and in El Paso, which both have dry heat. In El Paso, we didn't have air conditioning. Instead, our military quarters had what we called a swamp cooler on the roof. We opened the windows and the swamp cooler pulled the air in from outside and cooled it over a wet filter. Actually it worked. Of course, that was some years ago. Now, I'm sure all the quarters are air conditioned.

    I've also lived in humid areas...LA, Florida, VA and GA! :)

    I prefer dry heat...much easier to endure.

  6. I'm a year round reader too. I'm reading Katy Lee's book Permanent Vacancy. I just finished Susan Mallory's Daughters of the Bride. We've had very warm weather here in Oregon.

  7. You mean there are people who are "not" year-round readers? I'm on vacation and just finished book three in two weeks. Love, love, love it. I've finished a YA, a paranormal suspense, an inspirational, and now I'm working on a memoir.

  8. I read all year. It has been hot here in Mississippi. They think it is humid but I moved from Maryland over 10 years ago and this is not humid. The sun feels warm here. It gets humid right before it rains.

  9. It IS hot! We have muggy, humid hot here. But I'll take it over winter any day! I'm reading a lot, too. Recently finished Jessica R. Patch's LIS, Deep Waters, and Janice Boekhoff's romantic suspense, Created!

  10. Hey everyone!!! Sorry I'm just now getting back. I'm a year round reader too but tend to read more in the summer. Not sure why. Maybe because I write more in the winter. Love that you all stopped by and shared your reading experiences ��

  11. I've been enjoying reading this summer, though not to stay cool. It's been plenty cool up here near the Canadian border. I do find I read differently in different seasons. For summer I'm looking for beach and lakeshore settings with a light romantic tone. As winter approaches, a bit more suspense creeps in. Does anyone else find their reading tastes vary with the seasons?