Friday, March 16, 2018

"The Call'

Terri Reed here reminiscing about the day I received the call from Love Inspired.  The year was 2003. It was February and I was driving a mini-van load of kids to school--only two of which were mine. I had this new, fancy flip phone and it rang. 
This was before the ‘no cellphone while driving law’. 
I answered, anticipating that the call would be regarding my father, who had recently passed away, so I wasn’t looking forward to talking to whoever was on the line. Thankfully, I was greatly surprised when this nice woman said she was an editor with Harlequin Love Inspired and she wanted to buy my book.

As I came to a stoplight, I remember asking, "Is this for real?"
She laughed and said yes it was. She wanted to talk terms. Flabbergasted, I stammered that I was driving and would have to call her back.  She graciously agreed to wait.
In a bit of an excited stupor, I got all the kids to their classes and then I called my critique partners, both wrote for Harlequin, but not one of them answered their phones!
So sitting in the parking lot of my kid’s school, I took a deep breath, and with pen and paper in hand, I called the editor back. I furiously wrote down everything she said and then told her I would have to, once again, call her back when I returned home to look at my calendar for due dates for the next book.  She was very nice about being put off a second time, which I appreciated.
On my way home I tried my critique partners once more and finally reached one. She walked me through the terms and realistic due dates for the next manuscript so I was ready to agree to a contract with Harlequin. I called the editor back and we talked for a long time about the book she was buying. She gave me some feedback right then but said I would also get her critique in writing. I couldn’t wait. When I hung up, I screamed and danced around my living room. I’m not sure what my dog thought but she barked and danced around with me.

I wrote five books for Love Inspired before I moved to Love Inspired Suspense.
My most recent books Tracking Danger and Mission to Protect are my forty-first and forty-second books, respectively.  This has been the best job I could have hoped for.


  1. Love your story, Terri! I especially love that your dog celebrated with you by doing a happy dance. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Call stories are so much fun. Thanks for sharing yours, Terri.

  3. I love your Call Story, Terri!

    No sale could ever be as sweet as that first one! You've been a busy lady over the years with so many books published. Congrats on your success!

    The K-9 continuity looks great!

  4. Fun story, Terri. I had no idea you once wrote for Love Inspired. That's really cool.

  5. Getting that call is HUGE. It's always fun to hear how it came about for other authors.

  6. I love hearing call stories. They never seem to come when you're sitting around eating bonbons waiting for the phone to ring.

  7. Thanks, ladies. No bonbons here. Lol


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