Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fatherly things

I'm late getting in my blog today. But I have some very good excuses. I'm doing revisions on a book--always fun!!! And I worked in our local Dress for Success boutique today, sorting jewelry and other things--always fun, too!

This month, we thought we'd talk about fathers in honor of father's day. You might notice our Scripture verse to the right of the posts. A father truly does have to show compassion but sometimes it can be very hard. We recently had to do this with one of our children. Said child--a college student--was struggling with some heavy issues. Dad got angry then he turned compassionate and worked with said child to make things better. Sigh. That's why I love said parent (also my husband.)

That's about all I can say on the subject, but this is a good example of what a father should be. Lots of us might have had this growing up. My Daddy had a big temper and we were afraid of his wrath but he always managed to cool down and forgive his seven children for their misdeeds. And we had lots of misdeeds, let me tell you.

I believe Christ is the same. I think He gets angry with us and maybe a little disappointed with us, but He never abandons us. And he never turns against us. We might turn from Him but He is always waiting to show us compassion.

That's about the best Father's Day a person could ask for, I think.

Whether you have a loving relationship with your earthly father or not, you can rest assured that your Heavenly Father will never let you down. He allows us to keep revising our faith journey and that is a true blessing. And speaking of revising, I'd better get back to that job.

Lenora :)


  1. My father is gone has been since I was 8 years old and now I am 66, but I love my husband who has fathered 4 children for me. May God Bless all Fathers and expectely the ones that are fighing for our country.


  2. My father did the best he could with what he grew up in, but it left a lot of upheaval in his children's lives. I've forgiven him, but I still need to work through some things. I still consider myself blessed to have a father around. Some kids don't, and that is hard for them. When I know of kids who don't have a father or he is absent, I pray for them to have a Godly relationship with a father figure if not their father.

  3. My father and I were close mainly because I was the only girl but we both had tempers and clashed often but we never stayed mad at each other. I lost him in June of 1989. He was always there for me when I was growing up and I was there for him when he became ill toward the end of his life. Fortunately we were on good terms when he died and I have no lingering regrets (except I miss him even now).


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