Friday, June 5, 2009


This month as we are talking about the men in our lives, I would like to talk about my two sons-in-law. They bring a new dimension to our family. I grew up with three brothers, so it is fun to have more guys in the family.

Joe joined our family in May 2006, and he is now the proud father of Katelyn. You see them sharing some father-daughter time as they watch opening day for the Boston Red Sox this year. As my daughter Kara says, Katelyn in teaching her daddy how to share the remote. Daddy is teaching her all about sports. Joe lives, breathes and eats sports. As you might guess ESPN is his favorite TV channel. Besides being a great sports enthusiast, he is also a stay-at-home dad. As he will tell you, his life has changed completely since Katelyn was born in December. He's a very proud and protective dad.

Paul joined our family in October 2008. Just as our two daughters are very different. Our two sons-in-law are also very different. Paul doesn't have much interest in sports, but he makes sure my daughter Danielle can watch Wake Forest basketball, and he always joins in our NCAA basketball pool and often beats us all. He is brilliant when it comes to computers, and he loves any and all of the electronic and techie gadgets that can be found. He's also a vegetarian, so it is always a challenge to make sure we have something that he can eat when he comes to visit.

Having these two young men as part of our family is a true delight. We are thankful that our daughters have found such good men to be part of their lives. And I hope I am a good "mother-in-law."

Do you have stories to share about your sons or sons-in-law?


  1. PRECIOUS!!!! My 10 month old loves the remote too. We bought her a toy Elmo one to resolve the issue but she's way too smart to fall for that. lol

  2. Betsy,
    Aren't babies fun! They are so excited to learn all this new stuff. I just wish we lived closer to our granddaughter. Do your parents live close?

  3. I already pray for my future son-in-law! (My daughter is 12. LOL)

    And I pray for my two future DIL's. I started praying for them when my kids were babies.

    You're blessed, Merrillee!

  4. I have a wonderful son-in-law; he's a faithful, godly husband and father. I am also blessed with three sons who have servant's hearts. None are married yet but I pray for God's best for them!

  5. Hi!
    I don't have any kids yet, but I still have a funny story about it.
    May 16 was my junior prom. A guy that I like, but is just a friend, asked me to go with him. The hours before prom(after our primping!) were spent taking pictures at all of our houses, so that all our families could see us(there was a group of five of us "going together"). When we got to my grandparent's house, David(my date) met my grandma. She was sooooooooo happy! Hahaha! My mom was the same way. I swear that she was praying for him to be her future son-in-law! It was really embarassing for me, but still fun!

  6. Missy,
    Praying for our children's marriage partner's is a wonderful thing.

  7. Mez,
    Thanks for sharing about your son-in-law and sons.

  8. Hannah,
    Be thankful that you have pray warriors praying for your future mate.


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