Monday, June 22, 2009

My Dad

Hi Everyone, Debra Clopton here sticking my head up from deadline, deadline and more deadlines (I love my life!) Anyway, I'm so sorry I missed my last post but had to find time to do this and honor my dad. I have a dad who can do anything. This is a picture of my dad and my youngest son Kris. It's not the geatest picture in the world but the only one I had on my computer this morning. Growing up my dad could fix anything and is still that way. He could also out work any one. I take after him in both of those departments...though I can't fix everything I can try to fix it and if I can't I call my dad and we work on it together. I can out work most folks and that is the truth. The one thing my dad could do that he didn't pass down to me was his ability to whistle. My dad is a whistler and I love hearing him whistle songs as he works. I however can not whistle at all. It is the weirdest thing. Believe me I've tried all my life to be able to do it and God did not form my mouth to make a single whistling note. But it will always be one of the things I will always remember about my dad. Sunday at church (I go to a Cowboy Church)there was a little boy sitting in the seat across from me and as we were singing he started to whistle. I started to smile and caught his eye. You could tell he was a little shy about doing it but I grinned really big at him and nodded my head in encouragement and he started to whistle a little louder and soon he was whistling the song, his high notes ringing out louder than the band. It was wonderful and of course made me feel like my dad was at church with me. I could just see my dad at the young age of this little boy and I thanked God for giving me that moment to feel close to my dad during the service.

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday I know I did.


  1. Unfortunately, my dad lives in Massachusetts(I live in Vermont) so my sister and I were unable to see him yesterday. My sister's dance recital was this weekend so he came up on Saturday. We saw him extremely briefly after the show because he had over a two hour drive home. It was a little disappointing.

  2. What a sweet story! I'm the one in my family that can't whistle either!

    My parents came yesterday so we had a great Father's Day. They're staying until Wednesday. :)

  3. My Dad is in Heaven. He died when my oldest daughter was 2 weeks old - 28 years ago. I miss him so much. He was always available for a hug.
    My husband and I celebrated Father's Day with the youngest daughter yesterday. It was okey. But I was so thankful to find a man who knew how to commit to taking care of his family.

  4. My dad died when I 8 years old I am now I am 66 so I have been with a dad a loooooog time, but I always tell my husband Happy Father's Day and get him sometihing, he is the ones that has taken care of me the past 48 years. Thank God for him.



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