Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Memories of Dad

Well, technical difficulties (and I think bad weather) have really messed with my Internet, and apparently, Blogger as well. So I don't have the photo I wanted to post. Imagine a sweet picture of a man, dancing with his little girl, who's standing on his feet.

Okay, so now that you have that visual, I'm going to try to give the abbreviated version of the post I spent all evening writing (sob).

I'm excited that my family is coming to visit this Sunday, so I'll get to spend Father's Day with my dad. They live 7 hours away, so this is a rare treat.

In my post, I shared some beautiful memories from my childhood (and here's the shortened version)...

1. My dad rescuing me off the jungle gym, running out in his sock feet after my sister hollered for him to help. I think I enjoyed that attention a little too much, because I remember repeating it several times. :)

2. My dad teaching me to ride a bike without training wheels. And me, at first, furious at him for letting go!

3. When I got older, we hung out in the neighborhood at night. And if I didn't watch, I would step (barefooted) on slugs. Ugh! But once again, as I screamed in horror, my dad would run out, pick me up, and carry me to the tub to wash the goo from between my toes while I bawled my eyes out, thoroughly grossed out. :)

4. As mentioned above, I remember vividly dancing with my dad, standing on his feet as he waltzed me around the family room.

So many great memories. Not all good, of course, like any family. But I have so much to be thankful for this Father's Day.

Would you like to share any special memories of one of the special men in your life?



  1. My dad was special to me. I was his "little girl" since the day I was born. I had two brothers~one older, one younger who were also dear to him but they always complained he like me better. Somehow I doubt that--they just gave him more trouble. He was really wonderful to all three of us and the only time he got upset was when one of us made my mother unhappy. They were married just a few days short of 50 years when he had a sudden heart attack and died. I honestly believe from that point on mother didn't care much about living but she hung on for another seven years.

  2. Ellen, he sounds like a wonderful man. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. I'm not sure if you've seen what I wrote about my dad in Linda's post, but it was very negative. I am not a huge fan of my dad. However, I have to give him credit for something.
    He remarried a woman named Joanne. She has become a great friend and stepmom to my sister and I. Since we are 17 and 15, we were able to attend this wedding(when our parents were married, neither of us was born yet). At the reception, Dad slow danced with each of his daughters(there are 3 of us, plus 1 new step-daughter) and grandaughters(2 of them). He made sure that a picture was taken of each of us. He, also, got group pictures with all of us. He made a collage for each of us and I have to say that I will cherish for ever. It is so peaceful and serene, all of us caught in the moment of a slow dance. I love it.
    Also, one of our sisters, Kim, is only our half-sister. Since Joanne and dad have gotten together, we have seen Kim a lot more. Alicia and I have found out that we love spending time with our older sister(she's 27). We, also, get to see our two neices a lot. Their names are Cyan and Kiera. They are adorable and we love them very much.
    Sorry I rambled again!

  4. Hannah, you're not rambling at all. It's a sweet memory and I appreciate you sharing it.

    And you did just what Linda suggested--find something good to remember and hold on to that.

  5. I was a late in life baby but my Dad seemed to have the energy to keep up with me. He taught me to ride a bike and then showed off by riding on it backwards. He also taught me to roller skate in our living room on the polished wood floor. I will never forget how we rattled the windows when we both crashed to the floor as my Mom sat nearby laughing. Good memories!


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