Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The VIP Man in Lyn Cote's Life

That's my husband. I love this pose because it shows the essence of my husband. He enjoys life. He's a kidder, a punner, and starts making me laugh every mornings while he cooks breakfast.

I hear other women dreading when their husbands will retire and be home all day. My husband and I aren't retired. But since we're both self-employed, we are home together most days. And I miss him when he's gone. I think that's the nicest compliment a wife can give a husband, don't you?

Below you see him doing one of his favorite things--fishing. This photo was taken in Sylvania Wilderness in Upper Peninsula Michigan, but we live on a lake. The other night my dh was fishing in his "kick boat."

A kick boat is for fishermen who want to be right down on the water. The fisherman wears waders and fins and actually sits in the water. He's sitting in his kickboat in this photo. Anyway when he goes fishing on out in front of our lake cottage, he carries a two way radio. That way while I'm sitting up on the porch, he can radio me about what he's catching and seeing. Now that's togetherness!

Anyway, I hope your husband makes you laugh--in a good way. One of the way, my husband makes me laugh is reciting (over and over) sayings of his father and his great uncle. Example: "I got a good education. I just never let it go to my head."

Or interesting rhymes: "Oh, Theodore, don't spit on the floor, Use the cuspidor. That's what it's for."

Did your father or does your husband tell any really dumb jokes? Tell me and I'll have something new to surprise my dh with. He'll love it!

Lyn Cote
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  1. Hi Lyn,
    My grandpa has a joke that has to do with baseball and heaven...If your husband likes baseball jokes, I will get it for you. I am at school right now, so I can't ask him. Otherwise, I would put it in this post!

  2. Yes, please I can always use a good joke!

  3. Okay Lyn. Here it is...
    Two ninety year old men, Moe and Sam, have been friends all their lives.
    It seems that Sam is dying of cancer, and Moe comes to visit him every day.
    "Sam," says Moe, "You know how we have both loved baseball all our lives, and how we played minor league ball together for so many years. Sam, you have to do me one favor. When you get to Heaven, and I know you will go to Heaven, somehow you've got to let me know if there's baseball in Heaven."
    Sam looks up at Moe from his death bed, and says, "Moe, you've been my best friend many years. This favor, if it is at all possible, I'll do for you."
    And shortly after that, Sam passes on.
    It is midnight a couple of nights later. Moe is sound asleep when he is awakened by a blinding flash of white light and a voice calls out to
    him, "Moe.... Moe...."
    "Who is it?" says Moe sitting up suddenly. "Who is it?"
    "Moe, it's me , Sam."
    "Come on. You're not Sam. Sam just died."
    I'm telling you," insists the voice. "It's me, Sam!"
    "Sam? Is that you? Where are you?"
    "I'm in heaven," says Sam, "and I've got to tell you, I've got really good news and a little bad news."
    "So, tell me the good news first," says Moe.
    "The good news," says Sam "is that there is baseball in heaven. Better yet, all our old buddies who've gone before us are there. Better yet, we're all young men again. Better yet, it's always spring time and it never rains or snows. And best of all, we can play baseball all we want, and we never get tired!"
    "Really?" says Moe, "That is fantastic, wonderful beyond my wildest dreams! But, what's the bad news?"
    "You're pitching next Tuesday".

    I have to say rereading it, it is very funny! It cracks me up! Grandpa LOVES telling it to people. Try it out on your husband and let me know if it works!

  4. Hannah, you made my husband laugh out loud! That's a great one. Thank you and your Grandad!

  5. Your welcome! It never gets old - as long as you can remember the whole thing!

  6. I remember meeting your hubby at a conference or two, Lyn. He is fun! And so nice.

    I don't dare share any jokes. I always mess them up! LOL


  7. My father bought a plaque to hang on the wall. It said:
    Come in, sit down, relax, converse;
    Our house doesn't always look like this, sometimes it's even worse.

    Made my mother COOK and I don't mean food! I can still recite it all these years later.


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