Monday, July 27, 2009

Celebrating Each Other Whole-Heartedly

Janet Tronstad here. When I think of celebrating at this time of year, I think of all the writing awards we writers receive. I have to say I am never prouder to be part of the Steeple Hill family than when award time rolls around. No matter who wins, everyone celebrates with a gusto that cheers the winner on. I have never heard any back-biting comments like 'she didn't deserve it' or 'what were they thinking?' -- This attitude makes winning and losing both easier.

I remember growing up how we all loved to have a contest -- a spelling bee or a baseball game, we all wanted to win. I learned early on that I won some (usually the spelling bee) and lost some (any kind of sports) so I learned to both win and lose with some measure of grace. I think of track meets and entries at the state fair. I remember winning an essay contest once with a $50 prize and feeling rich (I think I was in the seventh grade at the time and that was a lot of money to me). What are some of the wins -- and losses-- that you remember growing up?


  1. This brings to mind the saying "It doesn't matter if you win or lose but how you play the game." The reason I remember this is because it was my father's favorite saying anytime we (my two brothers and myself) enter any kind of contest.

  2. Ellen Too -- Your father was a wise man. I remember, too, when I was an unpublished writer hearing a published writer say there was no reason to be jealous in writing as someone was always better than you and worse than you -- the only one you needed to worry about was yourself.