Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm not the kind of person who has to be entertained or feted to be happy. There are many times when I'm just high on life, itself. That's the best celebration of all - being alive and living in a country where we can express ourselves and worship the Lord without fear of reprisal.

This is where I live, in the Arkansas Ozarks, and I've never been happier.

I'm also blessed to have been kept busy writing the books of my heart for Love Inspired. Right now, there's a FREE online serial running on eHarlequin called FIREWORKS. I know the sidebar by my name says Thunderstorm, instead, but it really is FIREWORKS. And we have an active blog running with it so if you'd like to read along, stop in. The previous chapters are archived so you haven't really missed a thing!

Oh, and my broken arm is healing nicely. There were a few times when I had to opt out of posting here for various reasons but that arm strapped to my side was the best excuse of all. I asked the doctor if I could type by freeing my lower arm at the wrist and he just rolled his eyes. I did do that a bit, though. I even managed to write that whole serial I just mentioned while basically one-handed. I am now happy to report that I can also eat equally well with my left hand, meaning that there is no reason for me to ever miss another meal. It was embarrassing to have to ask my husband to tie my shoes, though! I quickly switched to Velcro and all was well.

Was it possible to celebrate life when I was trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey? Sure it was. I learned a long time ago that happiness is less a matter of circumstances than it is of your response to those things. I might have broken a lot more than my arm. I might have hit my head on the tree I was passing and ended my days right then and there.

But I didn't. The good Lord has given me more time and I plan to make the most of it. The moment we're in is all we can be sure of and it should be celebrated greatly. Every breath we take is a special gift from God. And so is every person whose lives we touch.

You who read this have touched mine and I thank the Lord for each of you.




  1. Hey, I did this waaaay early but it didn't show up until I pushed more buttons. I was POSITIVE I had evrything under control. See? I told you computers hate me!


  2. Glad to hear your broken arm is healing well and you are learning to do things one handed. Just hope you never have to use that skill again.

  3. Valerie,
    I am so glad your arm is feeling better. I know a few things about hands not feeling well! I have arthritis and now carpel tunnel. It is just one thing after another these days...


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