Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let's Celebrate Love & Commitment

If you want to see something that will shock and then delight, go to YouTube with this link and see a truly memorable variation on Here Comes the Bride.


So what do you think about that?

Lyn Cote


  1. Lots of buzz about that wedding video. I think it's amazing. The fun and ethusiasm they showed....creative, too.

    Everyone should be that excited to get married, huh? **smile**

  2. It is certainly a different way to have a wedding but if all involved enjoy doing it why not?????

  3. Yes, why not? And it reminded me of the way David danced in the streets of Jerusalem. It was obvious that this was a joyous occasion. And it's not everyday that you see a groom somersault down the aisle!

  4. I found it refreshing and creative, but not respectful for the church setting. Had they entered the reception room with it, I'd say it was appropriate. Although, the joy of the bride and groom was exhilarating to see.

  5. I loved this video when I first saw it! Lol...it just makes you want to be there. Unfortunately, people have to take it out of hand. I don't know if you've heard, but I heard about it on Good Morning America. Some collegge kids made a parody of this video. However, it is Dancing to Divorce or something like that. It is in a court room with a judge and everything, I guess. Isn't it sad when people do things like that?
    here's the link:


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