Monday, July 20, 2009

Seven Years? How did that happen? NOT

Last Monday was my seventh wedding anniversary. Yup, seven years. I still feel a bit like Cinderalla who found a prince. When I met my husband Don, I was not only a hopeless romantic but already a romance writer. LOL. So, what happens when a romance writer gets married? Well, here's my wedding invitation, word for word. Yup, I wrote it.

Chapter One
Once upon a time there lived a plumber named Don and a teacher named Pam. They were both searching for that "Special Someone." Truthfully, they really weren't having any luck until one day a matchmaker named Patti got involved. "Huh" said Don. "Hmmm?" said Pam.

For three months they huh'ed and hmmm'ed but kept going out once a week. Then, during month four, Don said, "Uh huh," and Pam said, "Hmmm, yum."

They doubled their time spent together but that wasn't enough. So, do you want to know how this Fairy Tale ends? Good! Join us for...

Chapter Two
On July 13, 2002, the hero and heroine of this Fairy Tale request the honor of your presence at the marriage of Pamela Kaye Tracy to Donald Allan Osback on Saturday, the thirteenth of July, Two thousand Two and six-thirty...

And, yes, when I sent out the Thank You cards for the gifts, I wrote the blurb and it was Chapter Three. Then, when I sent the baby announcement, it was Chapter Four. Now that we have a son, I have no more time to write my own cards LOLOLOL I guess Chapter Five will be his high school graduation.


  1. What a great wedding invitation.

  2. I had a true romance writers' wedding. With the exception of my sister (who is thinking about writing a book) every single one of the attendants were romance writers.

  3. Pamela, that's just too cute. Happy anniversary and many blessing to you both!!

  4. Wish you guys could have been there!


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