Friday, October 2, 2009

It's me again!

Valerie Hansen, reporting for duty!

I'm still a techno-phobe but here I am. Almost on time. (tried to drag this "smile" closer)

And, since I am here, I'll tell you all some news that I just learned late yesterday. I'm going to be one of the six authors participating in a new series for Love Inspired suspense! I'm delighted and excited and all those great adjectives. All I know so far is that it involves the Texas Rangers and is contemporary.

If I had any notion that the Lord was not in the details, I have to tell you that unbeknownst to anyone, I had recently bought a TX history book that covers that, among other things. What a laugh. Hey, maybe that's the "secret" that we've all been looking for. Just pursue an interesting subject on your own and you'll have a new job drop into your lap. Not.

Anyway, here I sit, waiting by the phone for details and writing my blog entry like a good little author. Well, maybe not THAT good. I am drinking chocolate coffee. :)

Hugs to you all and now that you know the secret to sales, enjoy it!



  1. Now that's a series I'll really be looking for. I love books starring Texas Rangers....well any book set in Texas actually.....must be because I am a "dyed in the wool Texan".

  2. Congrats, Val!

    Can't wait to read it.


  3. Congratulations!! It sounds very exciting! I'm looking forward to it : )

  4. Great news, Val! Have fun with your new research book!! :)