Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finding Gems

Missy Tippens, here. Okay, so finding gems might be a misleading title for my post. I didn't find a diamond or rubies. What I'm talking about finding Photos that I just found on my cell phone today! :)

So I thought I'd share a fun story with you that happened back in July on our beach vacation.

The day we checked out and were leaving the condo, I saw a gorgeous view from the parking deck. Yes, even the parking deck had a view in this great place! So as we were driving off, I yelled for my husband to halt the car so I could snap a few photos (and take one last look at the beach--which is always sad for me). I grabbed my phone and climbed out.

This is the beautiful blue and white and green of the Alabama Gulf. Gorgeous. And such a perfect day made it difficult to leave.

Then I turned and snapped the next photo while breathing in the fresh air, hoping that we'd be able to come back to the same place next year.

Then I turned around...and my family and vehicle were gone! Vanished. No sounds. No honking and waving. No quiet sneaking away. I'd been so wrapped up in the scenery that I'd lost total track of time.

Well, I knew they hadn't forgotten about me and left. Or at least I hoped they hadn't! LOL I figured they'd opted to give mom a scare. So I walked out of the parking deck. Still no car.

I walked toward the main highway and looked for them. Nothing.

They'd really pulled a good one on me! Then it hit me that they may have gone up to a higher level on the deck.

About the time I reached the bottom of the ramp, here they came. The last photo is the one I snapped as they acted like they were going to pass me by. You can even see my reflection (snapping said photo) in the side of the car if you look.

What fun! Don't you love it when you can laugh with someone you love?


  1. Missy,
    Your cell phone takes great photos. That was a cute story. Sounds like something my family would do.

  2. Between Lyn's B and B and your ocean view, I'm wanting out of Arizona. Yeah, the picture from my cellphone would be sun and cacti.

  3. Merrillee, I'm jealous of you because you have the ocean so nearby all the time! :)

    Pamela, it takes us about 6-7 hours to get there!



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