Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays--Lenora Worth

Yesterday was a cool damp Monday. It rained all day Sunday, making for a lazy afternoon after church. I had the blues yesterday since we heard the news that a friend and fellow Steeple Hill writer had died of cancer. It's never easy knowing someone has died but this one hit me hard since I've lost several friends to this awful disease. But what can you say about cancer? While scientists and doctors do their research and we walk or run races to find cures and hold fundraisers to raise money for cancer research, it's still a horrid disease that takes people way too early from this life.

We've written about this in our stories, hoping to help our readers make sense of things such as this, hoping to give people a bit of comfort in knowing that God is always there with us, during the worst of times. And our faith will help us through this loss, this sadness that weighs us down at times such as this. So I will pray for the family left behind. I will pray for those who hear from their doctor this week that they, too, have cancer. I will pray for a cure and for comfort until there is a cure. And we can all keep fighting the good fight, running the race, until we find a way to stamp out this disease. Okay, I think I need chocolate. Lots of chocolate. And I need someone out there to say something funny to make me laugh or tell me about the kicking pair of shoes you found on the clearance rack last weekend.
That would help a lot right now. Chocolate anybody?


  1. Don't tell me you have the same foot disease as our friend Elaine S. Only a new pair of shoes can make her feet feel better.
    I am sorry that you had a sad Monday and sorry for the family that lost their loved one to cancer. I have also lost a brother and a brother-in-law to cancer. Only with faith in Christ do we have a hope to make it thru those dark days.
    New shoes and chocolate? I think yu should treat yourself to both!

  2. I'm feeling blue, too, Lenora, and it's not raining here. I'm so glad you were able to get flowers to Flo.

  3. Must be the weather. I had a "I don't want to do anything day" on Saturday.

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments. Barbara, Elaine and I both loves shoes, I'm afraid. I just ate some chocolate! It helped. Still cloudy and expecting more rain!

    Lenora :)

  5. I am so sorry to hear the news. Cancer is really terrible. 2 weeks ago our beloved choir director's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is already having surgery - this Friday. Everyone has been keeping her on the top of their prayer lists...

    I know a little how you feel Lenora. Plus, our weather is the same in Vermont : /
    Hope you feel better soon with the thoughts of where your friend is now, with her Saviour.

  6. Thank you for posting about Flo. Her Love Inspired Supsense book Mistletoe and Murder comes out in November. As writers we leave a little of ourselves in each book. I never had the opportunity to meet Flo but I will be reading her book.

  7. We have enjoyed the rain here in SC also, but I am with you with the cancer, I have not lost anyone receilly but I have been really down as my 35 year old son-in-law was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia about 2 months ago. And though this is a serious life threatning Leukemia, there is a treatments that as long as he responds well to one of them, he can live a long normal life. Now we just have to see how he responds to the medincine and how the side effects are on him..
    Also this weekend I found out my brother has some very bad cancer in the cord of his spine and in his lungs, they give him maybe a year to live, there were 10 of us kids and now are 4, another brother has had open heart surgery and has dibetics really bad and my sister is 89 and not has alzheimers. So please everyone please pray for my family, I am the youngest and had grown siblings when I can alone.



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