Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Because I can, I will

The other day as I was driving to make our bank deposits for work, I spotted a wallet in the middle of the road. Needing to get to the bank and not quite certain what I saw, I kept driving. On my way back 30 minutes later, it was still there and now that I'd slowed down, it certainly was a wallet. So, being the consciencious person that I am, I pulled over, ran into the street and picked it up. I'm actually surprised that no one beat me to it since it had been there a while. Just goes to show you people really don't pay attention while driving.

So now I have a wallet full of stuff. The young man who owned it sure had a lot of credit cards and bank information in there, but no contact information. (note to readers-put at least a phone number inside your wallet) Rummaging through everything, I finally found a business card with a banker's name on it. Bingo. I made the call, told the gentleman where the wallet would be and where Sean could pick it up when he managed to get a hold of him.

Okay, now my writer's mind kicked in and I wondered for a bit if there was a more sinister reason. And now, would I be an accomplice to something I knew nothing about? Hmm. I may have to write a story about this one day. Fortunately, Sean came to pick it up so I'd worried for nothing. He'd left it on top of his car when he drove off after getting gas.

Why did I do it? As a Christian I could do no less. Because I can and I will do it again and because I've been in that position before when I was Sean's age but I wasn't so lucky to get everything back. And some day I hope that Sean or someone else pays it forward when I or anyone in my family lose their wallets or something else as equally important. What choice would you make?


  1. Hi Kim

    A wonderful story and I'm sure Sean appreciated the effort you went to to return the wallet. I'd have done the same. In fact I once found a ring in the library toilets. I took it straight to the library and handed it in. A few weeks later, a lady from another town wrote in to say thank you to the anonymous person who'd returned her ring. It gave me a buzz and I was happy the owner got her ring back. Perhaps that's a story I should write one day too!

    God bless,
    Nicola x

  2. Thanks for stopping by Nicola. I love the rig story, too. Hmm. Giving my caffeine deprived brain some ideas!

  3. I would have done the same. I remember losing a purse when I was young and never getting it back. The problems that caused would make me help someone else in the same situation.

  4. See, it was because you were a writer that you could figure out, detective-like, how the banker could be connected to Sean!

    Good work!

  5. Thanks for stopping by Ellen. I lost my purse too and was pure chaos trying to remember what was inside. While I got some of the contents back, my wallet, sunglasses, and purse were never returned.

    Cynthia-your comment brought a smile to my lips. Never thought about it that way.

  6. A great story a lot of people would have taken the young man's credit cards and had themselves a spending sprew, I believe God was watching out for him as you were the one that found the wallet. As Christians, we sometimes find ourselves in a situation as this or given back too much money at a store. In order to be a Christian we have to show others that we are, the Bible says that the way we act may determine whether someone else will get saved or say WELL I DO AS GOOD AS SHE DOES, so why do I need God.
    Now my husband sees everything on the road I want see it but he will stop and pick up tools that he finds all the time, a screwdriver, pliers etc.
    You did the right thing in God's eyes I believe and I pray that if I am ever in that situation I will do the same thing.

    God Bless


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