Saturday, April 3, 2010

Part 12, the Finale of The Easter Story--Lyn Cote

Feeling the silkiness of the white sheer curtain against her cheek, Sam stood by her bedroom window. She didn't know what had wakened her but here it was sunrise on Easter morning. There was a touch of chill by the window. She recalled the story of the women going to the tomb on the morning after the sabbath. They had risen at dawn too.
Sam turned to see Greta knuckling eyes and yawning just inside the door. Gretta was wearing her pink nightie and was barefoot. "Did the Easter bunny come?"
Sam grinned and pulled on her robe. "Let's see," she whispered. "Where do you think your Easter basket is?"
"I don't know."
Sam took Greta's hand and led her toward the front of the house. "Let's start in the living room."
As she led her little girl around the living room, looking under furniture and behind potted plants. She thought of the women at the tomb again. Those women had thought they had lost their Lord--that the man who had made the lame walk and the blind see could have been killed. Why didn't they realize that if He could raise Lazarus, death would not be able to keep him either?
"I found it!" Greta squealed. She pulled the basket filled with yellow peeps, a chocolate bunny, a white bunny PEZ dispenser and more all nestled in that fake green grass that would be everywhere within moments and lurk for weeks.
Sam sat down on the sofa and watched her dear daughter examine each little trinket and candy.
How had bunnies been added to the Easter story anyway?

Sam couldn't believe all that had changed in her life since moving into this house. Had it only been just shy of two years since Jeff had done the renovations to this house, Carla had appeared at her door and the paternity test had come back negative?

Jeff walked out of the bedroom, yawning. "Why didn't you two wake me up?"
"You looked so tired," Sam said, patting the sofa beside her. "I saved the egg hunt for you and Greta."
Jeff kissed her and then rubbed her nose with his. "Well, good. I can't wait to find those eggs."
Greta ran over and climbed into Jeff's lap. "Is there a basket for the baby?"
"No," Jeff said, kissing Greta's cheek, "he or she has to be born first, okay?" Jeff rested his hand on Sam's abdomen and the unborn child did an impromptu bunny hop. Sam started laughing and Jeff raised his eye brows. "What?"
Sam couldn't speak. She just treasured the moment. All the fears and sorrow had gone. Just like all the sadness of Good Friday had fled in the light of Resurrection. Hallelujah and amen!


  1. Wow, that was a great ending!!

  2. What a wonderful ending Lyn!
    Thanks everyone for writing a fantastic Easter story.

  3. Lovely ending but I also love the lineabout finding the easter grass for days to come! So true!

  4. So glad you all enjoyed it! This was fun--not like the fake green grass!

  5. Lyn,
    I loved your ending, and I also chuckled at your line on the fake grass.

  6. I liked the detail about hte PEZ dispenser. My son loves them. Good job, Lyn.

  7. Aww! I loved the story! I want more! :D LOL Fake grass! Made me laugh. And Pez despensers are a must!

  8. Ah, Lyn -- great wrap-up! And I liked how you emphasized the real meaning of Easter.

  9. Excellent, happy ending, Lyn!

    Happy Easter (a day early), everyone!

  10. Lyn, how wonderful that they are married and expecting a baby. That was a great, uplifting ending!

  11. This was the first round robin I've ever done. I really enjoyed it. Hope we'll do it again sometime--maybe for Independence Day?


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