Wednesday, April 14, 2010

S is for Spring!

To me, Spring is a season of "new".

New blooms, new buds, new grass, new leaves, new chances and opportunities. For some reason, even though winter is technically the beginning of the calendar year, Spring really inspires me to get started. And not just with Spring cleaning, but with my writing and other personal goals!

This Spring has already been super busy and its not over yet! I've got multiple writing projects going on, I started freelancing for our local Forum newspaper, I have two speaking events between now and June, I'm celebrating and promoting my April 1st book release of RODEO SWEETHEART, I started a part time job outside of the home, trying to help fill the gaps while my husband continues to search for a full time job, and my sister's first baby is due in May. I'm about to be aunt, and nothing screams "new" like a sweet little newborn! I can't wait, and neither can she. (and apparently, neither can the baby. my sister was in the hospital last week for early contractions, but is home now on bedrest hoping the little one can "bake" a few more weeks!)

What about you? Does Spring kick-start something in your brain that makes you to go-go-go? Or is just another season (that makes you sneeze!)


  1. I think I get cheated out of spring. The spring semester, for me, starts in January, and all I hear is the word spring. When the real spring arrives, it somehow gets lost in my mind. I need to change that.

  2. I concur with PamelaTracy. My dayjob brings with it a crushing load that comes due in spring.

    But I'll soon be over that hump and be able to enjoy the beautiful weather.

    And then I will feel energized, because I do enjoy the warmer weather.

  3. I'm so happy that warm weather is here (okay, HOT weather, because it is Georgia), that I'm trying not to complain too much about the pollen.

    I love spring!


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