Monday, April 19, 2010

A Tired Cat Makes a Great Story

This is Janet Tronstad checking in with everyone. Did you get a chance to read the incredible story of a cat named Charles who made the 1300 mile trip from Albuquerque to Chicago? He had run away when his owner, Robin, was away volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans. Charles had been staying with a friend of Robin's and, for whatever reason, took off. Robin was heartbroken when she heard about it. After eight months, she had given up hope of seeing Charles again. Then she got a call from the animal control folks in Chicago saying they had picked up Charles and found the microchip embedded between his shoulder blades. AT first, Robin felt joy at knowing where Charles was -- then she realized she could not afford to go to Chicago to get him.

So far, Charles's story is playing out in classic story form. Problem - hope - hope dashed - more problems.

Then came the true black moment. If no one picked Charles up, he would be euthanized.

Finally, the hero enters the story. An Albuquerque resident, on his way to Chicago to a wedding, offeredf to bring Charles back with him.

This is a story that could inspire a book. I tend to like a book that is based on some event like this - how about you? Do any books come to mind that were inspired by real events?


  1. The real test is... did the guy who brought Charles home, meet Robin and marry her. LOL

  2. LOL, Pamela -- I wondered that, too. It's probably too soon altho she sounded single and since the guy's mother is the one who told him about the cat, he might be single too. If Iwas writing the story they would both be single and fall in love with each other.

  3. Being a true "cat person" (LOL) I am surprised I hadn't heard about this!! Thanks for sharing, Janet...and thanks also for the picture of that precious kitty! (and I agree...what a great story idea!). Blessings,
    Patti Jo (Mom to 7 cats)

  4. I love this story because I have a similar one! Mine never got on TV but I had a Siamese cat that accidentally hitched a ride and ended up 70 miles away, alone and on the loose. She was babied housecat. How would she survive without us? I don't know how she did it, but two months later, she scratched on the back door, crying plaintively. She was skinny, filthy, and thrilled to be home. We always wondered how she managed to find us again.

  5. When I went off to college, my parents moved. They did give me their new address which was about 6 blocks from the previous home. My baby sister's cat Sir Tom went back to the former house every day--across a very busy street. My mom was at her wit's end. Then I came home for Thanksgiving. And Sir Tom never went back to the old house. Our take: Sir Tom thought I was the one who got lost. He went back till I found my way home! True story!

  6. CAtMom -- Glad you got to read the story. It's heartwarming.

    Linda -- Great story of your own. I wonder, too, how your cat managed to come home.

    And, Lyn, what a precious story.


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