Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I think Spring is here--Lenora Worth

Hello. I think spring is finally here. I have a big back yard full of trees and all sorts of blooming greenery, but this winter just about took care of all of my flowers and shrubs. Our saga palms are now bald and without fronds. We had to cut them back to scratch and hope they'd sprout wings again. My jasmine bush died on the vine. The Confederate jasmine survived and seems to be thriving. It has the most wonderful smelling yellow blossoms. My gardenias took a direct hit but we managed to cut away the dead leaves and find green underneath. Most of my hibiscus and parlor ferns died underneath the protective plastic we thought was saving them. I had ferns that had been growing for years and now they are gone.

But ... I'm blessed. Our yard didn't flood; our house is still intact. We didn't suffer an earthquake or a flood. We just had a harsh winter. I often wonder if God made sure we'd have spring after winter so we could rejoice in the rebirth of our world and see the hope of that rebirth in our own lives. One of the blessings of Easter is that after death comes triumph, after sorrow comes joy. This is our hope. When bad things happen in the world, we have the hope of Christ to guide us through the darkest of winters. I pray for all those hurting out there, that you may see the hope of a fresh new spring just around the corner. Hope springs eternal.

This hope is why we write our stories. We are blessed to write what we call the three-cord plot--with a faith element and with all the joy and conflict of falling in love. We have external conflicts, internal emotions and a strong faith element in our stories. And for that reason, each time we start a new book, it's like spring blossoming all over again. Happy Spring. Look for a flower bud today. If you look closely you'll find one I'm sure.


  1. Most of the flower buds I saw today were the weeds in my yard which got mowed down. They were knee high weeds and time for them to go. Most of the flowers that were keepers bloomed a month or so ago ~ spring came early here. There is one tree still blooming and it is a bottle brush tree which had red flowers that grow in a shape that looks like a bottle brush.

  2. It's here in Georgia, too, Lenora. All 2 days of it! Now I think summer is here. :)

    Ellen, can you remind me what state you're in?

  3. Missy ~~ I live in south Texas along the coast.

  4. Well, now I'll know where to picture you, Ellen. :)


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