Friday, May 6, 2011

Ask Elnora--About Packing for a Trip????? Lenora Worth

I'm in a rush today, my darlings. That's because I'm in Oklahoma City at the Oklahoma Writers Federation Conference. Elnora will be doing two workshops. One today after lunch (when everyone will be extremely sleepy)and one early Saturday morning (when Elnora will be extremely sleepy.) But I will make sure my two or three attendees get a bang for their buck. I can certainly tell fellow writers what NOT to do. But right now, I'm exhausted. Packing? Why is it so bothersome? Why can't I just walk into my closet and grab a few outfits and one--yes, one--pair of shoes and be happy?

Elnora just isn't wired that way. Oh no, I have to try on this with that and tie this scarf around that blouse and ... decide which shoes and jewelry to wear and maybe I do need a different pair of shoes for each day. A different string of pearls for each day, too. In the end, I usually have more shoes than outfits and days to wear them. But ... that's just me. This is a three day conference. And one day on the road Sunday. So far, I've packed five pairs of shoes. And I'll have one pair on my feet. I haven't even considered purses yet!!!

My back hurts and I think I'm getting a headache. I am highly allergic to packing!
I need a ladies maid. I also need a housekeeper and a chef, too. But alas, I don't think I'll have any of those things in the near future.

But enough about my needs. I must get back to the conference. I might actually learn how to write a book. Meanwhile, discuss amongst yourself--Why is packing for a trip so tedious???? And if you have questions, ask away. I'm sure my Love Inspired sisters will be happy to talk to you about packing. Or maybe some of you out there have a system that I can use. Y'all might even give me a few pointers. I'll check back later, I promise. Right now I have to decide which shoes to wear today!


  1. So the shoes to wear are besides the 5 pairs packed!
    Ok I am one of those packers who has the philosophy If in doubt leave it out. I dont have that many fancy clothes but on a normal trip its two pairs of shoes the pair I wear and a second. (like in winter incase one gets wet) in summer its a pair of sandals and one of pair of runners. For a conference I may struggle.
    I hope with all the sleepy people some are actually awake for you. Have a great time.

  2. I'm of the "I'm only taking one suitcase" frame of mind. My husband will no longer let me use his suitcases, something about zippers separating from their seams.
    Have fun. Wish we could all be there.

  3. sounds like fun! Would love to be there too! Actually, I think it would be fun just to come over and watch you pack.

  4. I'm here and I have on black pumps. About to listen to Gretchen Craig talk about romance. My speech is done. Another tomorrow!!!

  5. Hey Lenora--I hope you have a great conference. I've been on a trip this week too and I too packed a bunch of shoes and STILL could have used a pair I didn't bring. LOL keeps life interesting.
    Boy I'm jealous, I didn't go to any conferences last year and I miss it soooo much. Can't wait to get to New York City and be among writers! Have a great time.

  6. I try to pack as little as possible. Of course my dh packs three times as much.

  7. Okay, I can't beyond when you said this:
    "I might actually learn how to write a book."

    Ha! I do believe you've learned a little about writing already, Elnora. Just a wee bit. :)

    Now, on to packing. I always take way too many shoes to conferences. Of course, the new luggage restriction and cost have hampered my packing! I have to do a better job now. I'm in Pamela's league now--that of the bursting luggage zipper!

  8. I love reading about packing I am with Lyn except the husband.
    I went to hawaii with my luggage less than half full. 11 and a half kilos (not sure in pounds) I was allowed 23 kilos on the Australian flight. When I got back with a second small bag it was 23 kilo's.

  9. Y'all are so funny. What a great day I had. Had a great workshop with a nice crowd. Then after diner we had little sessions where we answered questions in small groups. I had s nice group. Oh spotted two Louis Vuitton purses and one Coach. Some smoking shoes too. And learned about writing. Big Daddy went shopping. Guess what he bought? Shoes!!!!

  10. Lenora, I have to ask. Shoes for him? Or shoes for you?! :)

    Glad you're having a great time!

  11. Hope everyone was able to keep their eyes open, Elnora! :)

    I usually only make one trip a year for a special event...a 3 day women's conference about 3 hrs away from home. Going by car with 2-3 other women who don't necessarily pack light, I try to keep my clothes monochromatic so I only need one pair of dress shoes and/or boots and a pair of workout shoes. (I'm the one with the smallest suitcase.)

    What also helps is by being a SAHM, most of my clothes are T's, jeans, shorts and sweats, so I don't have a superabundance of dress up clothes. It's definitely easier to make decisions on what to wear that way. :)


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