Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Kiss

I loved watching the royal wedding of Kate and William. My favorite part was the kiss. Okay, I'm a romance writer. I should say that. It is expected. What I loved about the wedding is the sense of hope. Two young people in love (and I think they are in love) and ready to start a life together. Their story is a romance. I could have written it. Any romance writer could have.

So what makes a good kiss in a book or movie or real life?


  1. I agree about the wedding and you know I think the frozen image of the kiss is better than the real thing.
    what makes a good kiss well I have no Idea as I am still single and the one boy I fell for on a bus tour who kissed me I thought if this is what kissing is like its not that good. Certainly not what is described in books. I guess thats cos he wasn't my prince and I think he may be taken too.

  2. Ah, but the second kiss and that little three year old holding her ears just below them. Now that was wonderful.

    I liked how they both blushed. The fact that they are not into PDAs is fine with me.

    Peace, Julie

  3. Hi Margaret:

    A great kiss is all about the context.

    The anticipation.
    The execution.
    The reactions of the hero and heroine immediately afterwards.

    And then, do they keep thinking about the kiss for days later?

    A great kiss will have reverberations and aftershocks.

    Kate and Wills: what greater context?

    Whence shall there come another?

    It’s almost Shakespearian. : )


  4. Julie, if I were kissing my new husband in front of a worldwide audience of millions, I would blush too.

  5. Loved the sweet kisses of the wedding last week. But in a book, I like the longing, the anticipation. The wondering when it will happen. The torture of interrupted kisses! :)

  6. I love a kiss where you can tell they're both happy and in love. I loved the way Rhett kissed Scarlett and then carried her up those stairs. (Leaving little doubt that things were about to change.) I loved the wedding kiss. It wasn't over the top sloppy. It was just a sweet gesture and they both truly seemed so happy. I think it's nice that they saved some of their kisses for their intimate time together.

  7. I agree with what you all have said. The anticipation, the thrill, the reflection about it all play a part in the kiss.


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