Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tribute to Mom by Leann Harris

Since it is so close to Mother's Day, I wanted to share a funny story with y'all. My mother and grandmother at one time tried to color their hair. Now both mom and grandmother have dark hair, so when grandmother decided to dye her hair to rid it of the gray, she turned her hair orange. Not a mute orange, but a bright neon orange. She called my mother hysterical. What could she do? Between laughs, mom advised her to go to the beauty shop and have the pros dye it black.

After grandma's experience, you'd think mom might have an idea that her hair wouldn't take color well. But no. She tried having her hair streaked with silver. What mom got was ugly mustard color. She wasn't a happy camper when she came home from the beauty salon. But mom lived with it until it grew out.

As you can see, my mother is a nurse. I will tell you she had the gift of nursing and every patient she ever had adored her. She is an amazing woman...who shouldn't dye her hair.

Over at the eharlqeuin site, there are more stories. Lyn Cote is leading it today. Check it out.


  1. Leann,
    This is like the time I told my son not to bleach his hair because he had my mom's hair and it would never get lighter than orange.
    He didn't believe me. Guess who was right?

  2. My mom never colored her hair that I know of, and she was a beautician--go figure. She turned prematurely gray, so she was often mistaken for my youngest brother's grandmother, not his mother. Still, she didn't dye her hair. Her hair was completely white by the time she was forty.

    On another note about dying hair, my younger daughter has dark brown hair, and she bleached it blond. One time when I went to visit her shortly after that, she came to pick me up at the airport, and I kept looking around for her but couldn't find her. She was standing just feet away, and I didn't recognize her.

  3. Leann, you look like your mom! What a fun photo! :) And cute story.

  4. I think we all go by hair a lot when it comes to identifying people. I think men do this even more than women do.

  5. And the sad thing is we have no control of what genes we get. I'm afraid my son got my dad's hair genes and dad when bald early.

  6. I have black hair. Native American black hair. Which means it doesn't change colors. Now that it's going gray, the gray will change colors. So, I can get really great highlights.

  7. Pamela,
    We'll just call you Rainbow head!

  8. Leann - the news on your son's baldness can be good or bad. The male pattern baldness gene is passed from mother to son, not father to son. So check out your head and your mother's to see if your son is likely to be bald.

    My hair has changed colors over the years so much that I have been accused of dying mine but haven't. Go figure.


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