Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What works

Hi, this is Margaret Daley. As readers and writers of romance, I need your help. What have you seen that works as a promotion? That is all we are hearing as authors lately. We have to get out and promote our books. That's fine, but what works? I would rather spend my time writing, but it is becoming more and more something we have to do if we want to sell. We need to have a web presence. Where? Facebook? Twitter? Blogs? Websites? Anyone have some great ideas on how to fit it into a busy schedule.


  1. twitter is a good way to promote things

  2. Terri Reed is a friend so I'll share:
    We're still building our site to help authors like you with this question... it is at http://authormarketing101.blogspot.com/
    Another site getting ready to go live that is focused on using social media tools is: http://socialnetworkingforwriters.com/

    The most important point is your marketing & promotions should be enjoyable to you and require only 10% of your writing time.

  3. I find short monthly newsletters from authors a great way to know what's happening with them and what books are coming out.

  4. Anna, Therese and Sketch Girl, thank you for those tips. I can't wait for those sites to go live. I need to get a handle on this and truly make it only 10% of my life.

  5. Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

    Sketch, I do a quarterly newsletter and have wondered about doing monthly. I'm glad to hear it doesn't feel like too much. :)

  6. I like Twitter for getting out short info and picking up info.

    Have you hooked up to Google Analytics and read what brings readers to your website?

    That's very revealing.

  7. Yes, Lyn. I just got it in the last month.

  8. At my local RWA chapter meeting last night, there was a mini program about what works. Basically, the speaker said no to almost every handout (bookmarks, spatulas, nail files) and even said that Facebook and Twitter no longer work.
    Her advice: snippets on discs.

    Even she admitted it was a tad expensive.

    Me, I'm following all the discussion about trading cards.

  9. I like the newsletters. I love Goodreads where we interact with authors also with the LI forum there we get info on new books which has made me buy books.
    I admit bookmarks etc dont sell a book for me yes they are nice to use but they dont really sell a book for me.
    good author blogs even blogs like this one are good also.
    I think the contests for readers that work and help to get us invested in the books are ones where we can name a character even if its just the pet its something that can make us excited about a book. Like Lyn Cote wanting names for her two kittens in her latest book There were alot who suggested names and it made us remember the book.
    I do like the idea of trading cards especially when so many books are now on kindle its a way to get an autograph.

  10. I like anything that helps me feel connected to an author. Contests are great. Facebook and Twitter are great. I am able to have short discussions back and forth with my favorite authors. The connections I have, make me want to help the author promote their newest book as much as I can. For me, this includes reading and reviewing the book, then posting my review on lots of places online where readers frequent. Talking the book up on social media, etc.

    Another promotion that I love is getting to read book excerpts. Whether that's on an author's website, a blog, or a Kindle sample. If the excerpt pulls me in, I'm buying that book or putting it on my WL to buy when I have fun money.

    Freebies like bookmarks or book trailers are nice but they don't make me buy books. Trading cards seem odd to me. This isn't sports, this is reading.

  11. Thanks everyone. Your suggestions are thought provoking.

  12. I agree Kimberley about the excerpts. If I a excerpt hooks me it goes on my wishlist.


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