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Around the World with Love Inspired Romances

Hey Everyone,

Naomi Rawlings here. Are you one who likes to travel to far away places or times when you read? I sure am, and today I've got a list of foreign settings in upcoming Love Inspired books. The most popular countries are England and Cananda, but we've also got some settings like France, Scotland, and even the fictional kingdom of Lydia. So if you're interested in a book that will take you around the world (or at the very minimum, north into Canada), read on!

January: Alberta, Canada, The Cowboy Tutor by Linda Ford (LIH)

February: Alberta, Canada, The Cowboy Father by Linda Ford (LIH)
fictional Mediterranean kingdom of Lydia, Protecting the Princess by Rachelle McCalla (LIS)

March: Scotland, Highland Hearts by Eva Maria Hamilton (LIH)
Alberta, Canada, The Cowboy Comes Home by Linda Ford (LIH),
Canada, Shades of Truth by Sandra Orchard (LIS)

April: France, Sanctuary for a Lady by Naomi Rawlings (LIH) This one's mine. :-)


June: England,The Baron's Governess Bride by Deborah Hale (LIH)
England, A Proper Companion, Louise M. Gouge (LIH)
British Columbia, Canada, Healing the Doctor's Heart by Carolyne Aarsen (LI)
fictional Mediterranean kingdom of Lydia (and also northern Africa), Prince Incognito by Rachelle McCalla (LIS)



September: England, The Governess and Mr. Granville, by Abby Gaines (LIH)
fictional Mediterranean kingdom of Lydia, The Missing Monarch by Rachelle McCalla (LIS)

October: Canada, Critical Condition by Sandra Orchard (LIS)

November: Frontier Alberta, Canada, Merry Christmas, Cowboy by Linda Ford (LIH)
fictional Mediterranean kingdom of Lydia, A Royal Marriage by Rachelle McCalla (LIH)

December: England, A Suitable Wife, Louise M. Gouge (LIH)

What about you? Can you think of a favorite book set in a foreign country? Or do you have a dream country in which you'd like to see a book set? I'd love to read your thoughts on this!


A mother of two young boys, Naomi Rawlings spends her days picking up, cleaning, playing and, of course, writing. Her husband pastors a small church in Michigan’s rugged Upper Peninsula, where her family shares its ten wooded acres with black bears, wolves, coyotes, deer and bald eagles. Naomi and her family live only three miles from Lake Superior, where the scenery is beautiful and they average 200 inches of snow per winter. Naomi writes bold, dramatic stories containing passionate words and powerful journeys. Her debut novel, Sanctuary for a Lady, releases in April of 2012.


  1. I've loved reading about Scotland ever since Outlander. I think the last few I've read, outside the U.S. were Italy.

  2. Funny! When I read your question I immediately thought "No".

    That is, I think I enjoy travelling and knowing different places and, more important, different cultures. But my first reaction is "No".

    I think I don't like changes very much. Reason why it's so lovely to be able to travel through books. I evern decide, from time to time, where I'm moving to in your wonderful Country ahahahah. Really. I even start choosing the house I'm living in and the colors I'm going to use.

    I wish the best for your first novel. You must be pretty excited. And the description made by the place you live in, just made me relocate from Merrillee's Montana (Match) ;)

    Good Luck and enjoy your first.

  3. Thanks Naomi, it's fun to see where different books are taking place. As a Canadian, I enjoy learning about different US states as I read, too.

  4. Thanks Naomi! This was fun to see where some of these books will be set. I love international settings as well as US settings.

    I have a book coming out in March set in Fairhaven, Washington, the lovely historic section of Bellingham, way up in the northwest corner of the state...very near Canada. The title is A Man To Trust.

    Happy Reading to all!

  5. How fun to see the different countries represented! Thank you for compiling the list, Naomi.

    I love to learn a little history about other countries, so internationally-set historicals are always welcome.

  6. Pamela, you'll totaly want to check out Eva Maria Hamilton's debut novel coming out next month. It's called Highland Hearts, and I hope you like it. I'm looking forward to reading it myself. :-)

  7. Thanks for the well-wishes Teresa! It's fun to see how much you like to travel. And yes, I do live in a rather unusual place, but it works for me and my family, so I don't have any complaints.

  8. You've got a couple Canadian releases in this list too, Sandra. I can see where your love of Canada comes from. :-)

  9. Carrie and Christine, I'm glad the two of you enjoyed the list. Hopefully you'll find some fun countries to explore through these books!

  10. Very cool, Naomi! I've always loved stories set in Scotland. :)

  11. We should all post these on our personal websites. It really made me think about what I want to read. Oh, and where I want to read LOL

  12. For me most of the books are set in a foreign country! But I do get into the books. I am currently in Colorado. I love reading about other places. Loved the Canadian books too.
    I am waiting for one set in Australia. Although we have some really good Aussie books coming out by aussie authors.

  13. Naomi,
    Great info. Thanks for compiling the list of foreign settings.

  14. Hmmm... An Australian set novel by a US author. You might be on to something, Ausjenny. Seems to me I just saw a free kindle book about two Brits charges with crimes and sent to Australia who fall in love. Most of the story might take place on a ship though. I'm not sure.

  15. Thanks to all you ladies who enjoyed the list!

  16. Okay Ausjenny. "To Love Anew" by Bonnie Leon, published by by Revell a few years back. It's book 1 of the Sydney Cove series, and it appears as though there's a second book available for about $5 set completely in Austrilia . . . Or New South Wales as it would have been way back when. Hope that helps. :-) I don't know of any LI books set in Australia, but I could be missing something.

  17. Naomi, there are no LI set here yet. I have the Bonnie Leon books she has 2 series set here.

    We have a few books coming out set in australia by Aussie authors which is good. I would be great to see someone write for LI.
    Mary Hawkins wrote for Heartsong Presents and had her books set here.
    I know Abby Gaines is a LIH author who writes LIH shes from New Zealand.


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