Friday, February 10, 2012

Ask Elnora--About Valentine's Day??? Lenora Worth

Hello, my funny Valentines. It's that time of year--time to go red for our hearts and to go find some chocolate for our souls. Valentine's Day is one of the best days for a writer, especially a romance writer. Don't you just love romance? I know some people frown on all the sappiness of the day, but honestly where would we be without romance? Falling in love is natural in life, and celebrating that love long after the flowers and candy are gone is what makes romance count. Of course, as romance writers we love Valentne's Day and those happy endings. Romance starts with a relationship but it's what happens AFTER the romance that makes a lasting love. And that involves all the ups and downs of life, the little things that mean so much. As many of you know, I traveled to Florida to our "retirement condo". I planned to work while Big Daddy renovated all around me. But my bad back decided to mess with my plans. I whined about it here already, but I could barely function. But here is where romance goes into overtime and turns into love. My husband took care of me by putting my desk near the only chair I could be comfortable in, by bringing me coffee and cooking for me, by helping me with my medicine and trips to the doctor.When I got cabin fever, he drove me out the beach and let me listen to the waves. That is the kind of romance that will last a lifetime, the kind that involves messiness and multi-tasking. That is the kind of romance that lasts long after the sigh and the closing of the book. Love begins with romance but it continues with grace and understanding and compromise and perservance. It takes the good and the bad and the happy and the sad and wraps all of it up in a pretty bow of commitment. So let's discuss Valentine's Day??? What do you love about it? What do you think about it? And remember, giving out hearts and flowers isn't all about couples. Friends sometime need a nice Valentine reminder that they are loved. Family members need a little bit of encouragement on a day that can sometimes be lonely. We all need a little romance. Flowers, hearts, chocolate--they all became wrapped up in this unique day, but we can carry a little bit of Valentine's Day with us every day. What do you think??


  1. I love Valentines Day. It's a great time to show your family and friends that you love and appreciate them. I like to make cards and chocolate dipped strawberries for my daughters and husband. I enjoy sending cards and little gifts to my kids who live away from home and my grandkids. When the kids were little we used to make a special breakfast featuring heart-shaped French toast. and strawberries. Our church has a Valentines Dinner for married and dating couples, and we enjoy thinking up fun activities to encourage love and communication between the couples. Happy Valentines Day friends!

  2. That sounds lovely, Carrie. We used to do a Sweetheart Banquet at our church for the Senior Citizens. And if we had widows or widowers, a friend or family member attended with them. Hey, I'm a senior myself now! I think it is a good day to be thoughtful to others.

  3. Giving or receiving gifts is neither mine nor my husband's love language so we rarely do "gifts." But we will talk to each other and say, "hey, I've been wanting to buy such and such, can I buy it for myself for V-day?" LOL So we use it as an excuse to buy things we've put off because they are not "needed," but wanted (as long as they are in the budget of course!!)

    As far as what you said about Big Daddy and how you can see the romance turn into love in how he takes care of you. I have that with my hubby too. I've mentioned before that I have OCD. Sometimes (like now, PTL!) it's just a nuisance in life and doesn't affect me too strongly. But other times--I'm a mess! He has stuck by me and loved me through some ugly times.

    Also, I am having a minor surgery at the end of this month, but I already know that for the 2 days I'll be recuperating at home he will let me rest on the couch while he fetches water, books, the lost I don't have to.

  4. Tracy, he sounds like a wonderful man! Will pray your surgery goes well and you heal fast!

    Carrie and Lenora, I like celebrating Valentine's Day both with my husband and as a friendship day with family and friends too!

  5. Lenora, I'm late for your post. But I really enjoyed it. So true about romance and love. And what a sweetie you have in Big Daddy!!

    Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

  6. Tracy, I hope your surgery goes well. It's good to know you will be pampered. Missy, have a great Valentine's Day. I think ours will be quiet since he's already spent money on appliances, a new mattress and carpet and ... the ER bill for my bad back! Now that's romance!

  7. Carrie, that's so nice! We do something similar. The men's group has a dinner for the wives of the members and also treats the widows.

    I love your idea about dipping strawberries! My kids always drool over them at the Godiva store, but they're outrageously expensive (something like $7 for one strawberry!). I'll have to do some at home. I just bought strawberries!

    Tracy, I'll be praying for your surgery! Sounds like you have a great guy to take care of you. :)

  8. Lenora, we're so practical that we never fight the crowds on V'Day. We already celebrated! Had lunch on Friday. :)

    I hope your back is better!

  9. Yes, I do have a great guy AND a son with lots of empathy. He's 9 and will check on me too, I know he will. Two years ago when I had H1N1, I'd be dozing and I'd feel my blanket being adjusted and I'd crack my eyes and there was Seth, making sure I was covered and comfy! He'd ask if I needed more water, etc. He was only 7!! I see a career that involves nurturing of some kind for that one!

    Mama brag over ;o)


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