Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do you remember the first book you read?

Hi, Terri Reed here, today I received a sweet note from a reader who'd just finished my January release The Secret Heiress. In my Dear Reader letter at the end of the book I mention my love of Nancy Drew mysteries which prompted the nice note today because the note writer also shared my enjoyment of Nancy Drew mysteries. For me, receiving my first Nancy Drew book started me on a life long love of reading. Especially mystery, suspense and adventure books.
Do you remember the first book you read? What started you on the path of being a reader?


  1. My love mom loves to read and my love of horses. The Black Stallion Series was what got me hooked and has grown.

  2. Wow, I don't think I remember the first book I read, though I do remember loving the Nancy Drew books. One of my favorite childhood books from before I could read was Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day.

  3. I dont know the first book I read either. on my own it would have been the school ones with dick and dora, and there pets nip and fluff. The first book I know I loved was a birthday gift with 3 fairy tales and I fell in love with the snow queen.
    Then it was Enid blyton books.

  4. to add to my comment I think I always like reading. As a child I remember I was in hospital (only one night) but someone I think mum gave me Mr Gilliano's Circus by Enid Byton and other lady gave me another of her books of short stories. I loved the Circus series, the Magic Faraway tree series and the Naughtest girl series. I reread them so many times, I loved her secret seven and then famous five books also. As I got older I was given some old Sally Baxter Girl reporter books, Cherry ames, and a Donna Parker camp counsilor books which also got reread so many times.
    I think my two favourite books became Helen Kellers teacher and Betsy.

  5. Not the first book I read, but the book that ignited my love of historical novels was The Four Marys about Mary Queen of Scotts and her three childhood companions who were all also named Mary.

  6. Jennifer, I think when mom's read its a good role model for their kids. The Black Stallion books are classic.

    Naomi, I never read the Alexander book. Sounds fun though.

    Ausjenny, fairy tales are so much fun. That was great that your mum gave you a book to read while in the hospital. I'm sure it made your stay bearable.

    Jean, for me the book that got me interested in historical fiction was A Tale of Two Cities. Its still one of my favorite books.

  7. Dr. Seuss? Aside from that,I would have to say The Secret Garden, The Wizard of Oz series, Anything by Phyllis Whitney and of course Nancy Drew. I even went on to read some of the Hardy Boys because I couldn't get enough. Okay, so I couldn't narrow it down to one! Thanks for the trip down memory lane this morning.


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