Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Monster Behind the Mask

Hi, this is Margaret Daley here. Tomorrow will be Halloween when some people like to wear costumes and masks. They can hid behind these costumes and masks--much like our villains in our stories hid their true nature from others. In my stories for Love Inspired Suspense, I try to have a mystery as well as a suspense element. I want the reader to try and figure out who the bad guy is.

In Christmas Stalking, a November Love Inspired, there is a villain--actually several. I hope the readers have fun trying to decide who they are. These villains hide behind a mask, trying to fool Winnie, Colt and Ellie. Has this happened to you in your life? Has someone hid behind a mask? Acting one way, but really being totally different deep down?

Today and tomorrow I will be participating in a Facebook party called Monster Mash Book Bash with other mystery and suspense writers.  Check it out on the Facebook page. Today I will be on from 3-5 pm talking about what scares you. How has the Lord help you when you were afraid? There will be a giveaway during that time--Saving Hope (book 1 of the Men of the Texas Rangers Series, romantic suspense Abingdon Press) and Hidden in the Everglades (a book in the Guardians, Inc. Series about female bodyguards).


  1. The most frightening villain is always the one I least suspect. Love your mention of masks. Yes, the bad guy should appear to be helping the hero and heroine. Instead he's out to do them harm.

  2. Praying for everyone in Sandy's path.

    Stay safe and let us know how conditions are in your part of the country.

  3. I love suspense books that also keep the villain a mystery, and always try to write mine that way, too. I haven't encountered any terribly scary "mask wearers" in real life, but my husband sure has a few stories from his careers. The scariest thing is how trustworthy and helpful a person can seem...and not be.


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