Monday, October 1, 2012

My Terror by Leann Harris

Lots of us have shared what a wonderful conference we had in Dallas at the ACFW conference.  It was one of the best I've ever attended.

And added to that, I just got a couple of new contracts and have several books to write in the next 18 months.  I was typing a blog posting for another blog and went to save it.  Word popped me out and said it had quite working.  This happened a couple of times and I was grateful it wasn't my proposal due in a few days.  I called my husband in, hysterical.  Well, he told me I'd done it wrong--like I haven't been doing this for the last 25 years?  He tried it and it didn't work for him.

I wasn't going to let this get under my skin.  Early on, when I was working in WordStar, he went to save my finished, due book and deleted it.  I told him I'd leave in be back in a few hours.  He restored it.  But this time, he said he didn't know what was wrong.  He looked on the internet and found others who ran into the same problem, but NO one had an answer.  A few choice words for the company, but no solutions.

We went out the next day and bought Word 2010 and he installed it on my machine, but the problem didn't go away.  Not only was Word having problems, but Excel and PowerPoint also were misbehaving.  I worked on my little laptop while he tried to figure out what is wrong.  The problem still is not fixed, but I am working in the safe-mode of all three programs.

I knew when I left the conference things might happened, so I wasn't shocked, but I'm still not a happy camper.


  1. Our pastor is having similar issues. tried to upgrade to office 10 and it said the 2003 had an issue we tried to uninstall it and it wouldn't work but it did delete his email. He got most back finally but still has the issue everytime he tries to open an email about it not being installed correctly. (of course I was the one who tried to uninstall it for him so I am the one who still feels bad its not working right)

    I sure hope you can get yours working properly. Thankfully haven't had an issue at this stage although when I upgraded it did delete office 07.

  2. Leann, so sorry about your computer problems. We love computers until something goes wrong. I remember using Word Star. It was a traumatic experience for me to change over to MS Word.

  3. That is our worst nightmare!! We have to depend in machines, and that is a terror!! Hope you get this fixed!!

  4. Well, after you've had that happen, you are paranoid. And with writers, it doesn't take much.

  5. I love my computer until there's a problems. Then I'm frantic!

    Luckily, I have a great IT guy. He's worth his weight in gold! :)


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