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Books and Movies that made our Hearts go BUMP

Ah, the lovely month of October when suddenly Charlie Brown is looking for the Great Pumpkin and the rest of us are wondering how much candy to buy for trick or treaters.

October is the scary month (okay, I was born in October, that makes me scary).

A lively conversation has taken over the Craftie loop since Monday. We’re discussing books and movies that scared us. Go ahead, take a walk down memory lane with us, and then jump in and tell us the books and movies that made you go, “EEK!”

The Exorcist. I saw the movie when I was a teenager and read the book, then burned the book! I still sleep with a nightlight because of that movie!!!!
Lenora :)

I remember seeing at school (junior high--I'm dating myself) Fall of the House of Usher. Edgar
Allen Poe was not a well man.
Leann Harris

Okay guys, don't laugh, but when I was a kid I watched The Birds and kind of scoffed at it (for being black and white, unbelievable)....and yet, to this day whenever I see large gatherings of birds, I get chills and think of that movie. lol
Jessica Nelson

I personally don't do scary. Suspense absolutely. Gritty, yeah, I can do that. But scary, no way. I'm a wimp with a capital W. I still want to run out of the room when the wicked witch's face appears in the crystal ball in The Wizard of Oz. And I don't like the flying monkeys, although I'm not as upset by them as an adult as I was as a child. I won't do scary and have not watched Silence of the Lambs. I saw a movie called Magic years ago. Anthony Hopkins was in that too. Scared me so bad I couldn't sleep for days. And I'll never look at dolls the same way again.
Lisa Mondello

For me the book was Amyitville Horror. I could only read the first few chapters. It still gives me the chills. For movies, Silence of the Lambs.
Terri Reed

I agree with Terri. For me, one of the scariest movies was Silence of the Lambs. I sat on the coffee table and screamed! :) Book: Deja Dead by Cathy Reichs. I read it until 4 am and then couldn't go to sleep after I finished it. :)
Missy Tippens

The Blob ...the movie. I was only four, and did my sister ever get in trouble for letting me watch it!
It's hilarious to watch now. :)
Sandra Orchard

One of the scariest stories I ever read was a short by Stephen King called The Monkey. I get chills even today thinking about it.
Winnie Griggs

I confess I don't watch scary movies, ever. I don't read suspense or mystery, either. I don't even like roller coasters. :)
Allie Pleiter

I don't read or watch scary stuff because...well, because it scares me! I even got scared the first time I watched the "Wizard of Oz". (I was 7.) Those flying monkeys....shiver.
Even commercials of scary movies bother me. I mute the TV and turn my head. When I was a kid, I watched the original Psycho movie on TV and slept at the foot of my brother's bed for several nights after that. I'd wait until he was asleep and then sneak in there so he wouldn't run me out!
Linda Goodnight

If we're talking movies, then I'll have to go with 'Halloween.' Scared the stuffing out of me--but scared the guy I was dating at the time even more. He crawled under the seat in front of us during the movie.
As far as books, I'm not a big scary book reader but the book 'Helter Skelter' scared me to pieces, mainly because it actually happened. True crime books are much more terrifying than fiction.
Patty Smith Hall

I can’t recall ever reading a scary book. I think my experience with seeing the movie, “The Birds,” when I was a kid made me stay away from scary movies and scary books.
Merrillee Whren

I'm pretty wimpy as far as scary movies/books etc. go. I get nightmares when my husband and I watch Criminal Minds on TV. LOL My favorite scary movie is Signs, with Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix. It's just frightening enough to make you jump and cover your eyes, but it also has a beautiful redemption story and message about how God can make something meaningful about what looks like senseless tragedy.
Teri Wilson

The Exorcist because I found it believable. We saw the movie premier in Los Angeles when we were college students. Free ticket from somewhere. As a practice, I avoid scary books and movies.
Jean C. Gordon

Interview with A Vampire by Anne Rice
Very Scary stuff... at least I thought so. I HATE Vampire books and movies. LOL
Rhonda Gibson

Mine is also a Stephen King. The story about the car that comes to life. Was it Christine? That car was pure evil.
Debby Giusti

Sorry but I can't remember books that scared me. I think I just stopped reading them if they got too scary. Movies, on the other hand, left indelible images. A WWII movie I saw when quite young had me looking to the skies for bombers for months. Every airplane flying overhead shot up my heartrate. And the Wizard of Oz got me worried about tornadoes. More looking to the skies! Since we didn't live in a tornado-prone area (or in a war zone), I never saw anything headed my way, but it did keep me up at night.
Christine Johnson

Mine was In Cold Blood I read it in my teens because I'd heard someone talking about it. I had to sleep with my mom for three nights (kicking my dad out of their bed and into my little twin) because it gave me bad dreams. The movie Jaws scared me, too, and about the same time. Even now, I can't sleep with my feet hanging off the edge of the bed. I don't do realistic scary anymore. Come to think of it, I don’t do unrealistic scary. I’ve left the theater and waited in the lobby (I always carry a book in my purse) for friends.
Pamela Tracy


  1. Oh great post ladies! My horror movie that left me scarred was Halloween. My parents were going to watch and sent me to bed. But disobedient me snuck down and sat on the stairs thinking I would hide there and watch. I watched the whole thing...and had nightmares for years.

    I tell my kids this story because I want to show them our parents say no for a reason and it's not to be mean to just weild authority, but because they know the damage that will happen.

    It's the same with God. He gives us commandments to follow because He knows what will happen when we don't follow them. He gives them to us because He loves us.

  2. Katy,
    I watched the first Halloween and that was enough for me.

  3. Horror is so not my thing :) I've never liked the wizard of Oz, either and I do flip chanels if commercials come on that I don't like, because being a writer, it really doesn't take much to get my imagination going. Anyway, one of the first scariest movies I ever saw was Pet Cemetery by Stephen King.

  4. Seems we like to write suspense but don't want to read anything too dark! :)

    Thanks, Pam! Great blog topic.

  5. I dont really watch scary movies either or read horror books. but as a kid the Banana splits use to give me nightmares. ok will qualify that the banana splits were fine but one of the stories in it was Danger Island with real people and they had skeleton men in the show and I use to have nightmares about the skeleton men coming to get me. I can still remember some of those dreams.

  6. Jenny Blake? Is that you Aus Jenny? I had to look twice.
    You scared me!

  7. yes sorry i changed to google plus and it took away ausjenny which is so annoying.

  8. Ah, the old change of identity caper. I have two names, also. So, I understand the dilemma.

  9. I don't read scary books b/c I'm a wimp. I like mysteries, but more on the "cozy" side.

    I agree with Teri Wilson about the movie SIGNS. I was working at a group home for pregnant teens and they made me watch it with them. I had to drive home at midnight so they thought it would be great fun to scare me before I went home! LOL It has it's jump out of your seat moments, but the story is amazing. All these awful things happen in this minister's life to make him lose his faith. Then all of the bad things, one at a time, are part of the saving of his family at the end. A beautiful picture of how we only see the trees, but GOD sees the forest and knows the rest of the story when we don't. That movie actually stayed with me for a long time.

    I saw Friday the 13th part something in high school and I slept with the light on for months after that. no more scary movies after that!!

  10. I am the same I'm a visual learner so once I see something scary I actually get flashbacks at random times so I'm careful what I watch. And while I love reading suspense I don't read scary books since I read a book called The Monster it scared me so bad and my room at the time was in a loft so I scared just walking up the stairs to my room at night to my room to try and continue reading this book eventually just read the end and that was that.

  11. I'm a spatial learner so it's probably the same with me.

    I saw the movie Signs and always wondered what happened to the alien Mel locked in the closet. Now that's a story we should write.


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