Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hello from North Carolina

Hi Everyone, Lynette Eason here, reporting in from Ridgecrest, NC. I’m here in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina about 20 miles east of Asheville. 

I’m on staff at the Novelist Retreat, directed by Yvonne Lehman. This conference is a very small, intimate gathering where attendees come to learn the craft and apply it. It’s a great time to be in the mountains with all of the fall colors happening and it’s a fabulous conference to attend. There’s built in writing time for attendees AND staff! Need I say more???

There are no agents or editors at this conference except for Ramona Richards. And she’s not really here in acquisitions capacity, she’s here to teach what editors want. (Although, I’m sure if she came across a manuscript she couldn’t turn down, she wouldn’t. J)

So, next year when you make out your conferences to go to list, may I suggest you think about the Novelist retreat? Staff members are: Moi (Lynette Eason), Deborah Raney, Ann Tatlock, Yvonne Lehman, Ken Raney, Janet Powers Roller, Mark Mynheir, and Ramona Richards. 

Here are just a few of us. Ann Tatlock on the left, then Yvonne Lehman, an attendee, Lynette Eason, Ramona Richards and another attendee

SO, just out of curiosity, what conferences are you going to if you’re going and why?

All the best,


  1. There's a new RWA conference in California next year, close enough to drive. I'm thinking about that one. I can't go to Atlanta because we're having a big family reunion that Saturday. I need to look at where ACFW is. It never heads West, but if it's in Denver, I might be able to do it.

  2. First of all, that timing is great. Leaf-looking and writing!

    I just returned from the Moonlight and Magnolias conference in Atlanta. Just wonderful folks.

    I want to attend ACFW in Indiana next year.

    The list goes on. This is why I need an RV.

    Peace, Julie

  3. What a gorgeous picture. I'd love to go to WPA again and hang out with you, Lynette. I plan to attend Write!Canada :)

  4. Lynette, That sounds like a lovely retreat. I'm starting to become allergic to LARGE conferences!

  5. Yes, lots of fun. I just finished teaching my last class and must prepare to head home tomorrow. :( would like to stay a few more days! LOL. Hope to see some of you at different conferences next year! And Sandra, yes, WPA! I think I may attend that next year in lieu of ACFW. I've not made up my mind yet, but am definitely thinking. :)

  6. sounds interesting.

    as a reader I am going to a mini retreat in Spokane Washington state next year to meet some readers and a couple of LI Authors from Goodreads. I cant wait (its something to focus on and look forward to as currently I am not in a good place with first illness then grief).
    seeing a counselor today.

  7. This does sound like a wonderful retreat and it sounds like you have a great time! I will have to check into it for next year!


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