Friday, March 22, 2013

Ask Elnora--About Staying On Track--Lenora Worth

I am late in arriving. I missed the connection, lost my way, planned ahead and still got behind. Do you ever get off track? Does it seem at times that if you drop one plate, they all come crashing down?

Oh, so you've been dropping those spinning plates, too? Elnora was wondering at three this morning when it hit me that I had not scheduled my post, why do women try to keep those plates spinning? Is it because we have to be polite, no matter how our brains are screaming stop that? Is it because we want to be all things to all people and we are so very afraid of failure?

I try to stay on track by making lists--love lists--setting my own personal deadlines and sending out a prayer for calm and control. But I manage to have a few hissy fits along the way. Keep calm and keep writing is our motto, I'm thinking. Our writing has to be a priority, but life has to keep moving, too.
We don't want writing to become our life, so we try to balance. How do you do this?

And as always, how can we apply these feelings of being inadequate to our characters, especially our heroines. They seem like superwomen at times, but they still need to show a bit of vulnerability and doubt to make them human. How do we balance this in life and how do we balance this in our stories? Let's discuss while Elnora gets that second cup of coffee and picks up some broken plates!


  1. Actually Lenora, I think you are one of the most organized high achievers I know!

    I think you need less plates is all.

    YOU ARE A POWERHOUSE--with pearls and great shoes!

  2. I'm not doing it very well this week, dropping plates right and left. Joining you in picking them up and trying to get back on track.

  3. I hear you. I've been doing that plate thing for a while. I'm amazed you could post that early...unless you never went to bed.

  4. LOL - I can so relate. I count it a blessing when I only have 2 or 3 plates to keep in the air. On the other hand, life would be so boring without all these things vying for our attention!

  5. Love those plates! We must, because there they are, spinning away. My husband says I can never say "no." Hmm. Maybe that's part of the problem? I make lists too. It's the only way I can stay even slightly on task. But sometimes I get frantic and have to remind myself that all those tasks take a backseat to the ones who really matter. So, it's perfectly fine to drop a plate or two to spend time with God and with our family.

  6. Good comments. Lyn, if you only knew. I seem to grow more forgetful every week! Old age? Or just scatterbrained me? Winnie, I agree about getting bored. The wirting life is never boring. That's why I love it so much. I can't even take a walk without looking for stories that involve bodies in the swamp or a "cute-meet" while someone is walking their dog. The writer's brain never takes a holiday!

    You all sound grounded so that's good. But the poor plates--they are crushed about this!

  7. Oh, Lenora,
    I'm a list maker too. Usually, before I leave the office I make a list for the next day. I can have 9 things on my list before 30 seconds pass, and usually they're not even the most important 9 things.


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