Thursday, March 7, 2013

Part Deux -by Leann Harris

I want to give a shout out to our Canadian neighbors.

Why?  I am writing a book set in Amsterdam during WWII.  As I have learned the history is it a wrenching story.  When D-Day happened, the Dutch were eager for Liberation.  They'd been occupied for 4 long years.  The 1st Canadian Army and the 2nd British Army moved into southern Holland.  Operation Market Garden was to capture the bridges so the armies could cross.  The operation failed and the Nazis remained in control.  It was a terrible winter for the Dutch since they rose up to help the Allies.  When it failed, the German cut off food and fuel to the country.  Many of the citizens starved, burned all the furniture in their houses for warmth.  Ate tulip bulbs.  But in early February the Canadians tried again and were successful.  They push on north into the country and on May 5, 1945 the Germans surrendered.

To this day, Dutch children are taught about how the Canadians freed their country and they go out to the cemetery where these brave soldiers are buried and plant flowers and care for the graves.  Canadian soldiers are loved and revered.  And that's why I salute the Canadian soldiers.

A little P.S.  The battle of the Alamo stared on this day, 3/6/1836--
 177 years ago.


  1. God bless our military heroes, both from the US and Canada.

  2. I had no idea, Leann. And I echo Debby's words.

  3. That's sweet, Leann! Thanks for sharing that. In Canada, we do still remember D-day.


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