Monday, June 24, 2013

Memories--Leann Harris

When I picked up the Metro section of the newspaper today, there was a picture that resembled a page from an old high-school year book.  What caught my attention was the hair-dos.  1943. (Of course the dos from my high school year book shall remain unmentioned.)  Anyway, how they did that thing with the top of their hair is a mystery. (The link will take you to the pics.)  Then I read the article.  It was their 70th anniversary reunion.  Every male knew what they'd do upon graduation--go into the service, Army, Navy, Marine, Merchant Marines.  Some of the men showed up for graduation in their uniforms.  It touched my heart.

Also, there was among the seniors a intense 'live in the moment attitude', because the world was crumbling around them.  That had to be hard.  Of course when I was in high school, Viet Nam was raging, and men prayed for a high draft number.

The article made me stop and think.  There is so much more to life than our little slice.


  1. It's a fascinating reminder of how future are shaped by circumstance.

  2. Leann, my father graduated high school in 1943. I love hearing his stories from his days of growing up in the Depression and then facing war when he was really still a boy. Definitely the Greatest Generation! Okay, maybe I'm biased. ;-)

  3. Great before and after pictures. I wish I could have read the article, but LOL you have to subscribe.

  4. How fun to see the then and now photos. :)