Tuesday, June 4, 2013

That can't be Mii!

With my apologies, due to a deadline and preparing for a trip to visit my military son, I am posting a blog entry from my own blog. I found this hilarious, and I hope you do also.

When a friend told me she bought a Wii Fit on Kijiji, I was a bit jealous. I'd been wanting one for a while. So I hit Kijiji and actually found what I wanted, and it was very close by.
I happily set it up after work. 
And, I am even happier to report that I did not need anyone under the age of 25 to figure it out for me.
Then the thing had the gall to weigh me.
THEN the thing had the even bigger gall to take my perfectly fine Mii avatar and plump her up a bit!
THEN THEN it assigned me a trainer! Some young bobble head pup with pale skin and a mouth that barely moved.
Miffed, I decided I would deem to allow it to show me its games and such.
And I loved it!
I liked hula hooping, throwing snowballs, and jogging with some stray dog.
I did not like those 'let's bend your spine into a pretzel' exercises that young pup of a trainer did with ease. But I did some, and for the most part, my flappy belly didn't touch the evil Wii scales, board thingimijig.
But I will try it again tomorrow. I set a schedule of weight loss, am aiming to match that muscle pup, even though we all know we shouldn't be comparing ourselves to photoshopped images, or imaginary Wii images.
So if you see some bobble head character bouncing through town one day, take note. It may be Mii.


  1. LOL, Barbara!! I've heard other friends say they were offended by their avatars. :) I don't think I'd want to see mine! :)

  2. LOL< I have the WiiFit and haven't been on in a year. You've inspired me. Oh, and when I get on, it will remind me that it's been a year. My BobbleHead will not have gained any weight but alas, I have.

  3. Barbara, your post made me chuckle. Thanks. It also made me long for the days when weight loss was easy.

  4. Hillarious post, Barbara. You're story reminds me why I do fitness tapes and pretend I'm looking in the mirror. Wow, do I ever look GOOD!!! ;-)

  5. You've made me want to go and check out WiiFit, if only to see the characters, not that I have a Wii. The kids have PlayStation.

  6. Glad you all had a good chuckle. And whatever your motivation, let's hope this encourages you to keep going!


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