Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Good morning everyone! Rhonda Gibson here. I'm taking a quick break from reading to post and ask you how you feel about Summer reading.

Today the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flower beds need to be cleaned out and replanted but does any of that interest me? No, at the moment all I want to do is continue reading, Hill Country Cattleman by Laurie Kingery!

Yes, Laurie is a favorite author of mine. This morning when I picked up Hill Country Cattleman I thought, I'll just read a few pages and then get busy cleaning out flower beds and pulling weeds from the yard. Yeah, right.  The morning is half over, as well as the book, yes it is that good and I don't want to do anything but continue reading!!

Does this ever happen to you? You start a new book and can't put it down?  I'm curious, what are you reading this summer?

I'll check back in a little while to see what all you have to say, but for now I'm heading back to Laurie's book and my favorite outdoors reading spot.


  1. Rhonda! Nothing better than a good book. I find myself in your situation far too often. It's always a pleasure to get lost in a good story, unless I'm on deadline. Then it's just plain panic-inducing. Yet, I still do it.

  2. The last book I read was Missy Tippens' A House Full of Hope. An excellent book. No wonder it is a RITA finalist. I'm not reading anything right now because I'm unpacking after a move from FL to AZ.

  3. Rhonda,
    The worst is when I get sucked into a book late at night and, although I know I need to get to bed, keep reading until the wee hours. One time I was so enthralled with a YA book that I was late for Sunday school! But that's a huge compliment to the author. :)

  4. I agree Missy's book is wonderful and deserves to be a RITA finalist :)

    I've done that before too Karen, only not the late for Sunday school part, LOL. I hate when I know I should be sleeping but just can't put the book down.

  5. I'm finally getting to the first Jocelyn Green Civil War book "Wedded to War" and will jump right to her new release "Widow of Gettysburg". It's keeping me up late at night! Who cares!

    Looks like a lot of great Love Inspired releases.

    Congratulations on your move Merrillee, what a climate change from humid to dry!

  6. Love when a great book sucks me into the story. Right now, I've reading The Bride Wore Spurs by Janet Dean. It's one of those black hole books that pulls you in and doesn't want to let go.

  7. I haven't read Jocelyn's books yet but will sure check them out now... Thanks Debra!

    Janet Dean is another favorite author, Vickie. I love that her books grab you and just won't let go :)

    Who needs sleep and clean flower beds? right?

  8. Yes, I have a hard time putting good books down.

    I just finished reading Trouble in Store by Carol Cox. A wonderful read.

    Stress Test by Richard Mabry is awesome. I love his medical suspense novels. Right now, I'm reading one by Lynette Eason. She can really write suspense as well.

  9. I haven't read any of Laurie's books yet, but plan to (I LOVE LIH books!). ~ Right now I'm reading SEASIDE BLESSINGS by Irene Hannon and really enjoying it.
    Happy Summer, Rhonda!
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

    P.S. @Merrillee, bless your heart--I hope you get unpacked and settled in soon. Moving is such a BIG job!

  10. I love picking up a book and losing myself in it. When I was younger, I used to think that Heaven would be a huge library filled with books and I could spend all of my time reading.

  11. Hi Christine, Reading is not just a summer thing with me, I read all the time, most everyday unless have appointment out...
    I love to read and feel lost when too many days go by that I haven't picked up my book..I finish one and spend little time thinking of the characters and the story and then off on another journey opening another book.
    Paula O

  12. I'm reading the same one Vickie McDonough is reading - The Bride Wore Spurs. And she is so right, it pulls you right in and seizes you. Janet's writing is soooo good! The Bride Wore Spurs is a fabulous story.
    Ha Ha, Rhonda. I already got my flowers all planted and watered and everything. And now, I ain't gonna come help you. You live too far away. *smiling* Ah, I love Spring and Summer!

  13. Right now, I'm reading a friend's manuscript for her. But I just finished Rachel Hauck's THE WEDDING DRESS. Loved it.

    And Debra Marvin: Jocelyn Green's Civil War are two I want to read, too.

  14. Rhonda, I want to thank you so much for reading--and BLOGGING ABOUT!--my HILL COUNTRY CATTLEMAN. SMOOCHES! Good topic about getting lost in a book--I'm currently reading a book I'm reviewing, Karen Witemyer's new one, STEALING THE PREACHER, and then I'm going right back to YOUR latest, GROOM BY ARRANGEMENT. Yes, we are a mutual admiration society.
    Blessings, Laurie

  15. I actually just finished "Rekindled Romance" by Lorraine Beatty. I don't normally read contemporary romance, but Lori is a friend and I wanted to check it out. A great hero and heroine with great built-in conflicts. After chapter one I was intrigued to see how in the world Lori would get them beyond all of the conflicts to their happily ever after.

  16. I'm hoping to get some Summer reading done, Rhonda! With all the weather here in Oklahoma lately, one needs a bit of a breather. :)
    My to be read pile is piled high with LI and LIH authors, so I know whatever I pick up will be a great read! :)

  17. Thanks everyone for sharing what you are reading! It looks like we all have a summer full of fun reading ahead of us.

  18. Hi Rhonda, I'm reading "The Well" by Stephanie Landsem. So far it's really good.


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