Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Here comes Hercule Poirot...again!

Thirty eight years later and Harper Collins is poised to release a NEW (yes, you read that right) Hercule Poirot mystery! The fictional, Belgian detective who appeared in 33 Agatha Christie novels,a play and more than 50 short stories is coming to life again. Author Sophie Hannah is nervously putting pen to paper to create this novel, carrying on the incredible legacy of Dame Agatha. I can't imagine the pressure! "I hope to create a puzzle that will confound and frustrate the incomparable Hercule Poirot for at least a good few chapters,” she said in a statement. We can expect to see the results in September, 2014. Can you imagine that? What do you think about this project? Are there any defunct series that you would like to see brought back to life by a modern day author?


  1. Cool, I hadn't heard that! I haven't read any of Christie's Poirot mysteries, but I enjoyed the PBS series based on her books.

  2. I want Mrs. Pollifax back.

    And, I haven't read the Poirot series, but they're on my list.

  3. He's a brilliant detective with a fussy mustache and fastidious manner. So wonderful!

    Yes, I would like Mrs. Pollifax back too!

  4. She had huge shoes to fill. I loved Agatha Christie. I know I read Cat among the Pigeons and I think that had Inspector Poirot in it.

    Wondering who Mrs Pollifax is must go google.

  5. WOW, huge task. I keep thinking about the sequel to Gone with the Wind. What a disaster.

  6. I want Mrs. Pollifax back too. Why no TV movies of her adventures?

    I was not impressed by Scarlett, the supposed sequel to GWTW.

    So we'll see!


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