Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September Excitement

I love this month. I love fall and am looking forward to seeing the change of season begin. We've moved to a more wooded area and I can't wait to see what color the leaves on the trees change to in the coming weeks.

Spring along our walking trail

Summer out our front door
I usually go to the ACFW Conference this time of year, but replacing an air conditioner  a few weeks ago put that out this time. I'll miss not getting together with other Craftie Ladies, but I'll hope for next year.

Still, this September is an exciting one for me. My second book, A Place of Refuge, in the LIH series Boardinghouse Betrothals, is out and I'm working on a deadline for the third book in the series. I love writing these stories. I love Heaton House where all stories connect and I love the characters. It's fun to write about their lives, see them grow and fall in love. It was an exciting time for women in the late 1800s as many joined the workforce for the first time. So far we've had a seamstress for Butterick Patterns, a matron at Ellis Island, a writer for the Delineator, a women's magazine, and a former Tiffany girl now working for a charity who tries to help those living in the tenements. A new character is a photographer who wants to open her own business. But women were working at many other professions.  I'll be bringing in a few new characters in the fourth book and am not sure what jobs they might working at.  What others would you like to see written about?  A sales clerk? Teacher? Telephone operator? I'd love to hear your suggestions.


  1. Congratulations on your new release, Janet! The whole series sounds wonderful. I'll have to move those up on my huge TBR pile.

    Autumn colors are a wonderful part of the season. They almost make me forget that the days are getting colder and darker.

  2. Oh, you could have great fun with a telephone operator, Janet. And some suspense as she overhears some horrible plot. ;)

  3. Thanks Christine! I hope you enjoy them when you get to them. :)

    And thanks Sandra. Actually I did write a story--several in fact-- about telephone operators and the last one was very similar to your idea. Obviously, I do like writing about them. I think I'd have enjoyed being one back when they first started. But maybe I should take them out of my list?
    Thanks for stopping by!


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