Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Rest of the Story...

Hi Everyone, Sandra Orchard here. I had so much fun writing my newest release, Fatal Inheritance (August), in which a young woman inherits her grandparents' old farmhouse and their 1914 Cadillac. The idea for the house was inspired by our own 100+ year old place.

Moving into an old place can be quite an adventure. We had a collapsed barn on the property and my kids thought it was great fun to explore through the debris. At one point they staked out an area and excavated it like an archeological dig, and were over-the-moon excited when they unearthed DINOSAUR bones!

Of course, we had to tell them they were probably cow bones. ~grin~

My son was not to be deterred. He plowed through rubble for weeks and was eventually rewarded with finding a cement floor, perfect for a basketball court. (Well, almost perfect. Actually far from perfect, but it worked!)

Meanwhile, in the house, I was hoping to unbury treasure of my own. You know, something like glass jars filled with money hidden in the walls. ~wink~ No such luck.

However, stripping wallpaper proved to be an intriguing walk through history! The previous two owners never stripped wallpaper before putting up new stuff. So I traveled back to the flower power of the psychedelic sixties, through various other interesting designs, right down to a beautiful, gilt-edged Victorian style.

 Of course, what I hadn't counted on was that the wallpaper was what was holding up the plaster! Yikes!!

Then there was the very ugly corner fireplace in the living room whose opening we blocked off with a big hunk of Styrofoam our first night in the house to ward off the draft that swooped down it. It had to go, so I got myself a sledge hammer and went to work. Good thing I did, too, because look what I found behind it:

 See all that black at the top of the brick. That's charred wooden beams around the chimney that clearly wasn't working properly. If we'd used the fireplace, I might not be here to write this blog!

Of course, there are many more stories I could tell. You can read about our creature encounters on a blog I wrote last month. (click here)

To read about Becki Graw's adventures in the house she inherits, check out Fatal Inheritance. You might even find it on store shelves for a few more days.

Someone wants to stop Becki Graw from claiming her inheritance. Police officer Joshua Rayne is just as determined to keep his beautiful neighbor safe. She may not be the tomboy Josh remembers, but she’s just as stubborn. Becki is intent on keeping her grandparents’ remote farmhouse-no matter the danger. Becki’s feelings for her childhood crush may be rekindled, but she’s seen too much to risk opening her heart. As the threats against Becki escalate, the list of suspects grows longer. Josh must convince Becki to trust him with her heart-and her life-before a madman ends their chance at happiness…permanently.

Your Turn: What kind of adventures have you had moving into a new place?

A two time Canadian Christian Writing Award winner and RT Reviewers' Choice Award winner, Sandra Orchard writes for Love Inspired Suspense as well as mysteries for Revell Publishing. Learn more about Sandra and her novels at SandraOrchard.com. To be notified of new releases, subscribe to her newsletter and/or connect on Facebook.


  1. Hi Sandra! SO excited about this book (in my TBR stack--at the top!). Loved seeing those old photos and reading about your discoveries with the house.

    No exciting house-related stories for me--except wherever I've lived, it seems I attract cats, LOL.

    Congratulations on this book and ALL your others--I am SO PROUD of you!! Hugs, Patti Jo

  2. I am thinking it would be so fun to get an old house and refurbish, but think most of the work would sub out as I am not able to do all that hard work anymore..glad you unearthed the fireplace and know it needs some work done to it.
    Paula O

  3. It is a lot of fun to bring new life to a place. I should have included my "after" picture of the fireplace reno. We know have a beautiful reclaimed brick staggered design on the walls and floor with a pedestal woodstove on top. Much more efficient, and I can even set a pot to boil on top if the electricity goes out. :)

  4. I love your books, Sandra so I know I'll love this one! The only old house we've lived in was our first house and that only 30 years old. We didn't refurbish it but whenever something went wrong, we would have to fix it. It wasn't fun so, therefore, we always bought "newer" after that! We aren't the "fixer upper" types!

  5. Thank you, Valri!

    I know exactly what you mean about things going wrong, but when my hubby laments, I like to remind him that we hope to be here a long time, so even a new house would eventually have needed those fixes. I'm the fixer upper lover in the family.:) Unfortunately, my back issues have pretty much put a stop to my projects.

  6. Hi Sandra! Congratulations on the new release.

    Wow, your family had a big task in remodeling the house. Hubbie and I have done some big house projects in the past, but nothing as extensive as yours! I'm so glad you found the fireplace problem before lighting a fire. Those are the moments we can thank the Lord for watching out over us.


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