Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Worrying about something? Here, take my hand. I have something to show you.

 It's me, Barbara Phinney, who, way up here in the chilly north, has a little note to you about worrying. Okay, all of us have worried at some point in our lives. And even if you don't believe the Bible, this verse, found in Matthew 6:27, rings true for all of us.

"And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?"

But we continue to mull an event, a concern or decision over in our minds. Yes, it's easy enough to tell someone not to worry, and it's easy enough to tell yourself not to worry, but it is a totally different thing to NOT WORRY.
Let me submit to you something here to help if you're worrying about something and struggling over it.
First up, I understand. I worry and fret and even if I have decided something and I feel better for it, I still mull it over and over. (You should see me just making flight arrangements) Yes, I am totally sympathetic to your plight. I offer you now a big cyber hug. 


Now, we're going to work on not worrying. And we're going to fail and fall a few times, but we will get up again. We're going to be like those mii characters in the Wii Fit running program, that while running, fall down. But they get up again.
It's tough to stop worrying, and as a Christian, I need to physically extend my arms in front of me and give away my worry. 

Then, about an hour later, I have to do it again. And I have to tell God to pry that stupid worry from my clutches because I have picked it up again.
I am learning some skills at not worrying. I am no therapist. I am no counselor with oodles of coping skills and exercises at my disposal. But I am something with experience at worrying and someone who offers understanding.
Keep busy. Smile to yourself. Remind yourself that you have given over the worry to someone else. If you aren't a Christian, you don't have to say you've given it to God. Let me tell you, this isn't about your faith. This is about letting go of a negative issue. 

Yes, you can ask God to take the worry, but we all know you'll pick it up again. Allow me to give you permission to do that. Someone out there may say that's not Biblical, but it's honest, and honesty about yourself is important. Why am I saying you can pick up that worry again? Because I don't want you to feel like a failure when you do and add to your stress. You're not a failure for doing this. Like me, you'll stumble and fall, but like that mii character in the Wii Fit running session, you will get up again. 

Just remember to get up again. And if God has left that worry lying in front of you, 'pick' it up and hand it back to Him. Physically. 
When I do the Wii Fit  exercises, I do terribly. It's going to take practice. But I will get better. And you will also get better at not worrying. 
Here is a big cyber nod to you and your stress for the day. You're not alone, but you can conquer your situation. Just as I will.
Now, if you will excuse me, I have to pick up something that Someone has left at my feet and hand it back over to Him.

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  1. good advice. i know last year when I couldn't sleep it was after talking with my dr that it changed. I didn't start sleeping well and I still have issues but after talking with her I learnt some coping skills and also learnt it was normal for what was happening to not sleep. When I saw her the next time I told her I still wasn't sleeping well but I told her I was no longer worrying about it. If I didn't sleep so be it. worrying wasn't helping.


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